Playin Soccer: I'm Coming Out of Retirement.

Awesome Tip: I'm Coming Out of Retirement.

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  1. Reply

    Ready for another journey? Coach Javi isssss back!

  2. Reply

    I new here idk if you addressed if you played professional soccer and if he’s where at? But otherwise keep up the videos really interesting

  3. Reply

    Love from Westerly RI, keep doing you man!

  4. Reply

    If you’re ever in palm desert #sesh

    • d7lee
    • February 20, 2021

    Liking the training videos as usual! Wondering if you could tweak the music sound level such that it isn't so loud compared to your voice level. It's easier to watch when I don't have to keep turning it down and up. Thanks

  5. Reply

    Im start coaching and your videos help me a lot thanks.

  6. Reply

    Happy to see you back from rietirement!

  7. Reply

    Back in shape….. I never knew you lost it mate!! Coach Javi is BACK!!!!

  8. Reply

    Why did you delete my comment lol. I was just being honest man. I’m still a fan of you.

    • SJ789
    • February 20, 2021

    Nice to have you back 🙂 … How is the guy you trained? Has he made it to pro?

  9. Reply

    Thank you for your videos. Very helpful. Have used some of your sessions with my teams.

  10. Reply

    Keep grinding coach javi

  11. Reply

    Is there anyway you would mentor a player ever ?

  12. Reply

    Isak update

  13. Reply

    the boys look sharp! Im excited for this series! You gotta shoot one of the episodes at Evolution!

  14. Reply

    What was the highest level you ever played at?

  15. Reply

    This is a great video because I just got my green light to return to the sport after all these months of rehab great video coach.

  16. Reply

    Let's get you ready for the MLS tryouts.

  17. Reply

    I rate you so much
    One of the best you tubers
    Love the bids keep it up

  18. Reply

    Isak update?

  19. Reply

    Exciting, can’t wait to see you on the field again.

  20. Reply

    I make freekick videos Check me out

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