Playin Soccer: "If you think the game at a high level, you can play the game at a high level."

Awesome Tip: "If you think the game at a high level, you can play the game at a high level."

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  1. Reply

    Tryouts for Detroit City FC are today! Do you guys want some behind the scenes footage?

  2. Reply

    What indoors do you use ?

  3. Reply

    Just wondering but why do you speak in third person

  4. Reply

    what does title mean?

  5. Reply

    Blessing from Minnesota..keep doing your thing brother

  6. Reply

    Im trying to take Adam seriously but the girls eating the wings in the back is too childish haha

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    Mr. coach, could You please tell to this peach, let she use not such passionate way to eat her lunch next time, because, I'm not sure as regard to others, but I could understand Mr. Adam just, after fifth attempt 🙂

  8. i live

  9. Reply

    Hey man been watching for a while and been wondering what kind of cleats do you have. Great vids btw

  10. Reply

    How tall are you coach Javi?

    • Tom J
    • February 18, 2021

    What’s ur insta

  11. Reply

    Who is the blonde at the end? Coach Javi she wanted to be interviewed.

  12. Reply

    Coach Javi you are putting Selena to sleep in minute 2:52 to 2:54 with your injury report lol.

  13. Reply

    Is the girl in the car his gf? Or his sister or what

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    How’s Isak doing in Norway?

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    will Champions Grind ever have a sale on items?

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    I need a like coach

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    Like my comment coach javi please

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