Playin Soccer: I Scored Three Goals! Giveaway Ending Soon!

Awesome Tip: I Scored Three Goals! Giveaway Ending Soon!

Here’s the vlog from what I was up to this weekend. Hurry up and get your videos in for the giveaway! Stay Connected On Social Media: Instagram: …


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  1. Man you live so close to me i know that bakery es panaderia la luz

  2. Is it a concha

  3. 5:40 Hey I played on that field before. Those are the fields near wood field mall right? True story – around 9 pm there was a polish / croatian league team that was training, while there was a field security guy walking around near that building with the green roof. I snuck around him and got near the gate to get in when he spotted me, I told him I was late and he was like " oh…. okay". The guy that was the coach of that team approached me as soon as I got in too, and i told him that I just wanted to work on my touch and he was "like fine no problem". Even ended playing scrimmage with the team at the end too.

  4. You should come out with some merch

  5. Es una concha

  6. How old are you bro

  7. Is that the Waukegan sports complex?

  8. it would be great if you did a video on how to conserve your energy during games don't make dumb runsyou have amazing pace I know sunday league ppl are fat lol but some aint and you run pass them like non what is your work out routine? it would help a lot of people. and me

  9. JAJAJAJA conchas and monster???? wow I need to try that jajaja

  10. How old are you?


    I used to play with Cicero mayas there! Club Soccer, Love your content bro!

  12. And keep sharing those Sunday league videos, I like to see that you're not only coaching but you're actually using what you teach. I think I'm not the only one who celebrates your goals

  13. You're not supposed to be eating a Concha with Monster, you should be drinking milk or coffee at least, btw nice videos, I found your coach videos helpful and I use them to train with my 9yo kid

  14. That's a concha Mexican bread

  15. una conchita con leche para dormir hahaha

  16. Coach Javi, when getting scouted for college does it matter if you play all four years of high school soccer?

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