Playin Soccer: I Nutmegged The Keeper – Playing Like Pirlo In Sunday League!

Awesome Tip: I Nutmegged The Keeper – Playing Like Pirlo In Sunday League!

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  1. Reply

    Getting my question answered is probably #2 highlight of 2018 in my life!

  2. Reply

    Javi, in your opinion what is the difference between someone who has talent and someone who is gifted?

  3. Reply

    Did you play pro in your earlier years? (:

  4. Reply

    Hi Coach Javi I’m 33 years is it late for me to get license and start coaching career?? Thanks

  5. Reply

    i feel like im the only one that prefers giving assist than goal. am i crazy!

  6. Reply

    How come you never played in the CLASA league in Chicago

  7. Reply

    Holy crap how aren’t you pro? Dab on the haters!

  8. Reply

    Fitness and ball control was a big factor in that game.

  9. Reply

    M8 someone give that goalie some moral support his career is over after that nut meg

  10. Reply

    yo that competition was worse then your mexican league sunday videos lol

  11. Reply

    very Pirlo mate

  12. Reply

    Help that goal keeper Javi, maybe post a goalie session!!! ( selfishly asking for myself ha ha )

  13. Reply

    I think the other team forgot the 3 keys to defense. Pressure, cover, balance.

  14. Reply

    Do they not know how to pressure in America? They literally just stood there the entire game and jogged about

    • T m
    • February 20, 2021

    Is Sunday league like drop in??? Cuz where I live we call it men's league we have 7 teams and play 2 times a week Saturdays and wednesdays and there's a fee for the season. this looks kinda unorganized

    • FC SH
    • February 20, 2021

    Coach Javi I know this is a bit personal but what exactly is your new job??

  15. Reply

    slight work for you

  16. Reply

    Nice game…you were just shining like a shooting star…well, u played well and I saw some good passing skills as well…good job bro

  17. Reply

    Why did you say you would’ve liked getting your licenses earlier? And when did you get each of them? I would assume it was a bit hard with school in your plate

  18. Reply

    The defense on the enemy team was not pressuring you at all.

  19. Reply

    Pass at 7:40= Beastmode

    • Dylan
    • February 20, 2021

    Can you do a individual session for a u9 kids?

  20. Reply

    That team was horrible pooor kids

  21. Reply

    LOVE it!! Good footage. The choppiness wasn’t noticeable, except you mentioned it. I do miss the Gashamy dab… I think Coach Javi could take AT Tripp at crossbar, but Gashamy definitely has potential. Keep bringing us good stuffs. Will you be doing any individual training sessions in the near future?

  22. Reply

    When is the qna bro

  23. Reply

    What do you think about the UPSL?

  24. Reply

    Nice job Coach Javi! I'm 38 and I still play in a league. I left the sun league though. They fight to much and I'm too old for that lol. Keep it up love the videos

  25. Reply

    Great video!! Coach javi destroyed the player !!!

  26. Reply


  27. Reply

    So y’all just gonna be all fucking cute like that when I’m out here being single af?!

  28. Reply

    No one is safe lol

  29. Reply

    The people want bangers!!!

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