Playin Soccer: I Might As Well Retire…

Awesome Tip: I Might As Well Retire…

Athletic trainer Tripp beat me in our daily competition…disappointing.

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    Hey everyone, don't forget to sign up for my upcoming camp in Chicago! Go to coachjavicamps.com to get registered!

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    Big fan of the channel. The videos you make are great and very helpful for someone like me who is getting into coaching. And yes conchas are on the tops ten snacks hahaha

  3. Reply

    Does anyone know what he edits with ?

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    Coach Javi I play in Milwaukee for Marquette High School varsity soccer team and I hope u can scout me next year. As well congrats on 30k

  5. Reply

    any big differences in soccer here than in Norway?

  6. Reply

    Orale por pendejo jajajaja saludos xd

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    No te retires, Sigue como vas, Cual camara usas para grabar tus videos ? Saludos desde Rep. Dominicana Coach javi! ✌

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    Hey coach, I wanted some advice and tips, I have a really good accuracy but I don't have power in my shots, how can I increase that? I can't really hit with power but can hit accurately,even a cross is accurate but not too powerful, if I put too much force on it, it flies over the person I'm passing to,any advice?

  9. Reply

    What camera do you use?

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    Mark my words my highschool team is winning state champs this year Division 1 California West side Sotomayor wolves Soccer search us up

  11. Reply

    After stretching what all do you have your youth girls do for pre game warm ups?

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    who is better Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo ?

  13. Reply

    what is your favorite team ?

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    I've got a rival high school match on Wednesday, and we pretty much have to win to go to playoffs. It's an away match, but I'm hoping to get the win and seal our spot in playoffs.

  15. Reply

    What do you make your girls do for Fitness? Do you guys run like miles or anything specific?

  16. Reply

    Be my coach

  17. Reply

    That was a lot of fun to watch! Good vid!

  18. Reply

    I’ve been watching since 5k this channel has grown so fast

  19. Reply

    What's with all these people not liking him saying mate?

  20. Reply

    What college do you coach at? Like where in the US are you?

  21. Reply

    Stop saying mate, it doesn't fit you. (You don't have an English accent)

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