Playin Soccer: I GOT SURGERY…on my pinky toe.

Awesome Tip: I GOT SURGERY…on my pinky toe.

Here is the funny story on my surgery 😂

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Playin Soccer: Dembélé enjoys recovery session after big night against Villarreal


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    Hey everyone, don't forget to sign up for my upcoming camp in Chicago! Go to coachjavicamps.com to get registered!

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    I love this channel so much. It would be awesome If anybody here could give me some feedback on my highlight vid. https://youtu.be/FR1V4q-3DkM

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    Yo I have some questions, how hard is it to get into a college/academy that plays in Division 1 and what is the level of D1 compared to professional football/soccer in America?

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    Coach Javi do you only scout high schools in North Carolina ?

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    I have a question
    I live in Australia and wondering whether it is a good idea to go to America and aim to get into a collage. Good or bad idea?

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    Definitely do a Road To Recovery: Sunday League Edition!

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    hey coach heal well ! ive had a similar injury ! you'll bounce back !

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    TBH that 1st goal says a lot about the coaching & the players . Some ppl might say ohh it was ok or maybe lucky, but it was a 4 touch goal 5 with goalie which makes it even better coming all the way back from own goal. once that diffender lob it to that foward then gave that chest past to the center (I'm guessing) the left wing knew exactly what to do. my point is every player knows their job and what they need to do bc easily each player could of took 2 or 3 touches more than need be instead it was either 1 or 2 and move on. Just like the coach said " play on 1 touch, play on 2 touch, if you play on 3 touch your not good enough" well it was actually thyy legend Johan Cruyff.

    And hope you have a speedy recovery Coach , saludos des de FL.

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    You know coach is high on morfin when he be talking about hat tricks lol jk

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    Coach Javi is funnier when he is high! Hope you recover quickly!

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    Love the video man, I was wondering can you show us some of the girls games by any chance? Keep up the sick videos mate!

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    Nice! U should do a "Road to Recovery" it is a good idea!

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    Did u workout? Lol

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    Can you start making Vlogs more often? I really enjoy them!

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    Hope for a speedy recovery!! And I was watching if ur old videos and realized that u lived in the Chicago land suburbs in the mundelein area, and was sad u moved because I was rly close by in Lake forest

    • Luis
    • March 7, 2021

    Don't undermine the pinkie toe or it will get ya good.

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    also coach i did a training with this academy team that i want to join and i feel like i didn’t do too well. the coach did invite me to the upcoming sessions but do you have any advice for preforming under nerves and pressure?? or how to get used to a new team?

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    i got both my pinkys fucked up. lol

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    Day in the life episode 3 dudeeeeeee

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    BRUH u got 28 thousand subs already that crazy I remember when u had like 2,000

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    Hi coach javi I saw in one of your previous videos live in the Chicagoland area if you were still offering one-on-one sessions

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    Coach Javi
    You should do so Defensive training videos with your back line.

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    ⚡️Great video coach javi⚡️

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    Coach was high as shit

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    Ayee they got my name Matthews let’s get it

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    and this is why we couldn’t see coach javi break all those fat guys’ ankles…

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    Hi there

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