Playin Soccer: How To Write The Perfect (Soccer/Football) Email To College Coaches! – NCAA D1, NAIA, NJCAA

Awesome Tip: How To Write The Perfect (Soccer/Football) Email To College Coaches! – NCAA D1, NAIA, NJCAA

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  1. Reply

    Are you allowed to put your social media if it's mainly highlight videos?

  2. Reply

    Is there a link to that letter? I like the feel of it— so personal and professional, humble too
    Thanks. Love your vids

  3. Reply

    Thanks for the tips Javi! Hope my college showcase goes well!

  4. Reply

    I no longer have my highlight video as it got corrupted, is there still any chance I could be recruited without showing them a video?

  5. Reply

    What do we say to college coaches if your a freshman

  6. Reply

    Hello coach Javi. I am 15 years long turning 16 in 1 month, how long should I practice and is it late?

  7. Reply

    is it better to email assistant coaches?

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    Yo young guns if you need help in vidoe editing your Highlight Video then let me know as I got this samll editing biz and i do offer cost services I am one want to book us for our service then get in touch with us through my yt channel or just dm me at @nexmarketingsolution looking forward in speak with all of you

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    So if I have a gpa of 4+ will I probably get a full ride or get a good scholarship at a d2 or d3 college

    • A G3
    • February 2, 2021

    Is playing in the UPSL or NPSL better than playing in DA or ECNL while in high school for coaches to recruit you?

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    is the recruitment process the same when attending a community college ? I'm currently at a community college looking forward to taking my game and my academics to a division one, some advice ?

  11. Reply

    How about if you are taking a gap year and taking general Ed classes at a community college for one year but playing Academy while taking those courses ?

  12. Reply

    In your opinion, is it better to go professional route or college route and hope to be scouted and stuff.

  13. Reply

    I am currently drafting up some emails to send to college coaches and I was wondering if I need to already have an official SAT score to be able to send them, as I haven’t done the official test yet

  14. Reply

    What is a resume?

  15. Reply

    high quality vid

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    What grade would you suggest to start sending in emails. Personally I am finishing my Freshmen year so I could only display my GPA on the academic side of things and then my soccer accolades. Would you suggest sending in emails once you have taken the ACT or SAT?

  17. Reply

    Thank you Coach Javi! There are a bunch of YT channels talking about "How to become a pro", but the reality is the path to play college soccer is far more likely. As a father, I believe this type of video is incredibly important. Love this content. Thank you!

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    Can we get a video on like when to email coaches. Like I don’t know if I am sending emails too frequent or not enough

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    His jersey is fire I need it

  20. Reply

    This video will actually be so helpful for the kids in my program! thank you!!!

  21. Nice..video!!!

  22. Reply

    What about team ranking?if my team is highly ranked (say top 25 in the nation or DA) and I don’t have a highlight video will they still care?

  23. Reply

    Great video. I’m curious why you wrote to the assistant coach and not the head coach. Can you please fill me in?

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