Playin Soccer: How to VOLLEY a Soccer Ball | For Beginners

Awesome Tip: How to VOLLEY a Soccer Ball | For Beginners

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How to Volley a Soccer Ball for Beginners! How to strike a volley in football!


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    Knuckleball tutorial pls

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    U R the one of my favorite you tuber than othr, for me

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    Thank you

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    Great video,

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    Lovely video

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    This is so good I am leaning towards that

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    Adoro esse canal

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    Please make a video of a proper football shot

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    How lucky you are to get such a big open football ground,
    It's very beautiful place.
    And we do not even have goal posts.

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    In my class people call me a volly king

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    2:19 lo mas importante☺

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    Türkçe please

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    Ik side volleys I just want to know how to make it stright like the ball is in front of you and u don't have time to go to side

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    Very impressive instructions

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    Plz make a video on how to goal with bicycle

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    Make more video

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    I would like to see doing a bicycle kick

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    You helped me

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    How to do fake pass

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    Plis sub in spanish

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    If he made video about defending will he says " You're watching all Defend "?

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    This is my favorite channel because It really learns how to be a good football player I always watch those videos

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    Make a video on RightBack position plz plz

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    Ronaldo’s volley vs manchester united is my favourite.

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    why don like of this

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    i am a striker that's why i need it

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    all attack please i need to learn the bicycle kick anyway so…
    can you please make video on it? pleaaaaaase??

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    when it be too high so u can do the bicycle kick am i right?? huh 🙂

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    You are good trainer of football⚽️⚽️

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    Thanks for this useful video

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    David Neres skills please

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    Hey this is hunter from iD Tech i found wonder from the last week

  37. patient and practise but more importantly .. timing and technique you need those first 😛

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    hey where is new video

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    air control of ball

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    i subbed please do the same

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    Can you make a video on locking your ankle please ⚽⚽

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    Please make a viedo on dip spin shoot

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    Also u gotta point out that quite often you don't have to hitt the ball as hard as you can swinging your all the way (things you do when shooting the ball on the ground); instead u may wanna hit the ball half power which will still result in a good shot because momentum of the falling ball will add to your hit power.

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