Playin Soccer: How To Turn Your WEAK Foot Into Your STRONG Foot!

Awesome Tip: How To Turn Your WEAK Foot Into Your STRONG Foot!

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    Stoppage Time Sundays are back!!! Comment below what you want me to talk about in the next one!

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    I injured my hip and ended up playing maybe a couple weeks before it was 100% fine so I was forced to use my left and though I still am far from shooting from outside the box I can dribble much better and now use my left to make small touches

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    Can you change your preferred foot?. My preferred foot is right and i wanna change it to left as a challenge and i wanna know if it's possible

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    good meal planning for soccer players!!!

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    This is next level, #AndrewAndPaul shizz

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    I vote for a soccer fitness session. Stuff that a washed up old guy like me can do to get back in playing shape!

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    appreciate the throwback highlights Javi keep it up

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    Talk about what to do when your parents don’t support you in your football

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    Great advice! Love the fact that you're bringing back the Sunday Stoppage Time. Keep it up!

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    Straight to the point. Liga MX vs MLS/USL.

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    How can i make a great impression as a walk-on at a Juco?

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    This video is spot on man! Its all about getting the reps in and creating that muscle memory just like anything else. Building a relationship with the ball overall is key! And also I know a lot of coaches frown upon the coever coaching and the footwork drills, but they are so helpful when it comes to getting players comfortable on the ball with both feet and also it helps improve balance and coordination. I love the intro by the way! and yes you do have some tiny calves! All jokes aside, great video man!

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    Good vid javi

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    I want some tips for a young goalkeeper

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    Can you make a video on How To Improve Stamina?

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    I like your “life is soccer” tattoo! Do you have any goalkeeper tips? I’d like to hear about your thoughts on keepers.

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    For the next episode you should make a video predicting which teams are gonna end first in each league and also who you predict winning the champions league.

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    Could you make plz make a video on how to be confident in front of scouts and stand out

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    Awwwwwwww yea stoppage time Sundays

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    How to practice for headers and be confident? For example i get nervous or scared when the ball is being crossed in but I back out. Pls help and thanks for the vid

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    Your next video should be about how to get into a team like Detroit fc
    For example if teams in the same league as dcfc host open tryouts or if you only option is to get in by getting scouted. For me personally i would like to know this because i would like to try out for my local club that i believe is in the same league as dcfc but i dont know where i need to start to head into the right steps

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    Make a video of improving your conditioning and control speed of game

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    What is the best route to D1 soccer? Should you attempt to play DA or will high club teams and putting in the work to contact coaches still work?

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    I really need to learn this because my weak foot is so horrible

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    Eres americanista?

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    What is up

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    Ayyyyy love another upload

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