Playin Soccer: HOW TO take a free-kick (MESSI, RONALDINHO, IBRAHIMOVIC, … free-kick compilation)

Awesome Tip: HOW TO take a free-kick (MESSI, RONALDINHO, IBRAHIMOVIC, … free-kick compilation)

Enjoy a compilation of the best free kicks taken by Barça, organized by category.


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  1. Reply

    Umm… Where is ZLATAN’s freekick?

  2. Reply

    I thought they were going to do an actual tutorial :/

  3. Reply

    Name a free kick Messi hasn’t scored

  4. Reply

    Muito bom! Falta? Dalí? Hum hum… ele é terrível. Messi assombroso

  5. Reply

    Watch messi his ankle. And watch his body turn the right side. Im surprised hé never broke his ankle and Neymar does it too

  6. Reply

    Who has the best curve? ⤴️

  7. Reply

    How to made Comeback

  8. Reply

    só os golaços

  9. Reply

    Next video: How to defend corners.

  10. Reply

    Messi Everywhere, Every Skills!!

  11. Reply

    Ich gucke barcelona

  12. Reply

    # bartomeu out

  13. Reply


  14. Reply

    To all those ppl who came here to learn how to take freecicks

    U can go back.

  15. Reply

    Alexander Arnold is good at free kicks and in….


  16. Reply

    Messi n Zlatan I remember only

  17. Reply

    Where is koeman

  18. Reply

    2:00 omg

  19. Reply

    Fc Barcelona are not teaching anything in this video or even the penalty one

    They just want to flex their club

  20. Reply

    Messi is legend

  21. Reply

    Como atajar ft. Ter Stegen, Valdés etc

  22. Reply

    Neyyyyy ❤️ Just Why ??

  23. Reply

    Barca: Messi Ronaldinho Ibra
    What says Real: rObErTo CaRlOs

  24. Reply

    Messi and Ronaldinho is the best

  25. Reply


  26. Reply

    hola, sóc un noi de 14 anys, visc a Gènova, Itàlia. Tifo Gènova, però, des del 2013 no he pogut deixar de seguir-te i estimar-te. Volia preguntar-vos si podríeu organitzar un amistós contra Gènova aquest estiu. Moltes grà IES

    hi, I am a 14 year old boy, I live in Genoa in Italy. I support Genoa but since 2013 I have not been able to stop following you and love you. I wanted to ask if you could ohaniize a friendly against Genoa this summer. Thanks so much

  27. Reply

    What a unexciting shots

  28. Reply

    Rafa Márquez era buen cobrador en el barca

  29. Reply

    How to give a corner?

  30. Reply

    2:01 corner taken quickly

  31. Reply

    Where is ronald koman ???

  32. Reply

    Ronaldinho né mano aqui é brasil

  33. Reply

    Messi MESSI go ….

  34. Reply

    Que paso con los tiros de Rivaldo?

  35. Reply

    How to dribble like messi please

  36. Reply

    You don't have to speak bro
    We know Barça is the best

    • BoM97
    • February 11, 2021

    DON'T Teach CR7 that, Delete the Video

  37. Reply

    와 messi……..wow

  38. Reply

    Don't mind me, I'm just looking for a grammatically correct comment.

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