Playin Soccer: How To Shoot The Ball – Technical Breakdown By A Professional Football/Soccer Coach

Awesome Tip: How To Shoot The Ball – Technical Breakdown By A Professional Football/Soccer Coach

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  1. great vid!

  2. coach Javi, what is that wrapped around your bicep. Please get back to me.

  3. goalie energy is contagious hehehe thanks coach javi this will help my kids, always good coaching tips.

  4. I think the same way. Whatever you do with your right, do with your left

  5. Coach Javi always has it

  6. that "GOALKEEPER" though

  7. Good things take time

  8. Hi my name is gay

  9. What position do you play?

  10. Great vid m8!Hope u grow in subs

    • J Jia
    • February 12, 2021

    Could u make a long outside curve passing tutorial, plz?*not trivela
    Eg in 2019campionleague vs bayern » van dijk used this technique to assist to mane

  11. I wonder why coach just loves those white boots

  12. Hola

  13. What is it with Americans and “one to one coaching”. You guys love it way too much

  14. Great video.
    The problem I keep having is with my normal shots.
    Every time I kick the ball it just stays low on the ground. I can't shoot the ball high. I aim lower and lock my foot but it just doesn't work unless i I slice under the ball. I get enough power and decent accuracy
    My curve shots are not bad.

  15. Really helpful video coach Javi! Great accuracy on the shots aswell!

  16. Get a real goalkeeper that keeper In net was not good at all bro

  17. Coach javi what do college coaches look for in a defenders highlight real

  18. Great video

  19. I like that the goalie celebrates when he concedes lol

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