Playin Soccer: How to Shoot a Football! | Training Tips

Awesome Tip: How to Shoot a Football! | Training Tips

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball or Football! Practice shooting with power or curve.

Egzod & Anna Yvette – My City [NCS Release]

Kisma – Fingertips [NCS Release]


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    nice and thank u

  2. Sir, how to do out swing

  3. Reply

    All. attack. teach. me. how. to. do. the. Knuckleball. and. bicycle

  4. Reply

    Can you do the stop and go

  5. Reply

    Please post a match of yours!

  6. Reply

    l love foot ball

  7. Reply

    Knuckle ball

    • Jeyy
    • February 5, 2021

    If you only have one football shoot to a wall you will get more shoots in a less amout of time

  8. Reply

    Love from india but please male a full tutorial

  9. Reply

    Because i am playing football these why

  10. Reply

    i like the vidio so. Much

  11. Reply

    I comment before watching the vedio. Because i know his vedio will helpfull

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    Easy skills for beginners?

  14. Reply

    This is hard like when I swing it goes up

  15. Reply

    Learn Ronaldo skills

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    This video is reallly helpful.thanks bro

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    How to do rainbow

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    Plz Make the video… How to play winger…

  19. Reply

    I guess allattack owner is a football fan

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    hey bro good job but help to practice body fient

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    please make a tutorial on rabona shoot

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    The training tips are okay.It's just that you did not specify where to hit the ball.Anyways nice video and please try and do a knuckleball tutorial. Thanks.

    • EmaN
    • February 5, 2021

    I have a question, Do you shoot your videos at 60FPS?

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    Please make a knuckleball tutorial video

  24. Reply

    all attack can you give tips to speed up legs

  25. Reply

    How to do rabona kick

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    Great videos guys! Good content! You should create a series focused on kids training. Simplified drills to help out the 10u field. There’s just not enough on YouTube. I think you would be diving into a good market! Especially with your video quality!

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    Plz make viedo of powerful shooting plz bro

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    Please add a video on chest control

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    how to practice alone in park without wall

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