Playin Soccer: How to Shoot a Football! | Training Tips

Awesome Tip: How to Shoot a Football! | Training Tips

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball or Football! Practice shooting with power or curve.

Egzod & Anna Yvette – My City [NCS Release]

Kisma – Fingertips [NCS Release]


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  1. nice and thank u

  2. Sir, how to do out swing

  3. All. attack. teach. me. how. to. do. the. Knuckleball. and. bicycle

  4. Can you do the stop and go

  5. Please post a match of yours!

  6. l love foot ball

  7. Knuckle ball

    • Jeyy
    • February 5, 2021

    If you only have one football shoot to a wall you will get more shoots in a less amout of time

  8. Love from india but please male a full tutorial

  9. Because i am playing football these why

  10. i like the vidio so. Much

  11. I comment before watching the vedio. Because i know his vedio will helpfull

  12. Good

  13. Easy skills for beginners?

  14. This is hard like when I swing it goes up

  15. Learn Ronaldo skills

  16. This video is reallly helpful.thanks bro

  17. How to do rainbow

  18. Plz Make the video… How to play winger…

  19. I guess allattack owner is a football fan

  20. hey bro good job but help to practice body fient

  21. please make a tutorial on rabona shoot

  22. The training tips are okay.It's just that you did not specify where to hit the ball.Anyways nice video and please try and do a knuckleball tutorial. Thanks.

    • EmaN
    • February 5, 2021

    I have a question, Do you shoot your videos at 60FPS?

  23. Please make a knuckleball tutorial video

  24. all attack can you give tips to speed up legs

  25. How to do rabona kick

  26. Great videos guys! Good content! You should create a series focused on kids training. Simplified drills to help out the 10u field. There’s just not enough on YouTube. I think you would be diving into a good market! Especially with your video quality!

  27. Plz make viedo of powerful shooting plz bro

  28. Please add a video on chest control

  29. how to practice alone in park without wall

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