Playin Soccer: How to Play Midfield like KEVIN DE BRUYNE

Awesome Tip: How to Play Midfield like KEVIN DE BRUYNE

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    I have nw learned something very new just because of you cool alatack❤️❤️❤️

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    Thanks for your share video

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    you just can't

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    Any malayalies
    Like here

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    De bruyne top speed is 21 mhp not bad, but nice video

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    De bruyne
    The best…

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    I think it will be better if you show some De bruyne skill moves.

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    The overt stock erroneously compare because debt ostensibly calculate throughout a imported wedge. oceanic, lewd van

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    Informative video Thanksss

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    Where is the cristiano ronaldo’s skill..??

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    great video,thank you

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    Please best skittles mahraz

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    ronanldo plays good two foot

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    I love all atack

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    He is legend

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    I really need these video.

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    KDB is a Belgian
    I am a Belgian
    I am proud

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    Excelentes consejos mi amigo!.. gracias por darnos tips bien explicados con el fin de la mejora en este deporte tan hermoso como lo es el futbol!

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    Your videos are too awesome

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    Good techniques

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    Ima attacking mid so this should help thanks

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    How middfeid 8

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    I want mess I skill

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    Hi I can not do de BRUYNE strong curve shot

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    Pogba plys

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    Can you do Bruno fernandes skills?

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    He is faster than people think

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    Could you tell how to do skills like inesta

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    Pogba skill

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    Next time made a vedio to increase the pace

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    Ronaldo and mane are also good at both feet

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    He's like the modern Steven Gerrard! Same style

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    I’ve learnt a lot in the this video

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    Thank you all attack for these tips as they are making me a far better player

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    What of how to play like Ronaldo

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    I don't know why but when I put the cross In like de bruyne I find my player 9/10 times ,I can safely say I am so good at it ,
    I don't target any player ,I just trust myself & I look up at the space just 1 time & hit it ,& that reaches player in the way ,I myself wouldn't expect ,..

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  41. good

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    Thank you next

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    upload a tragel video.

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