Playin Soccer: How to Play Defensive Midfielder! | AllTactics

Awesome Tip: How to Play Defensive Midfielder! | AllTactics

Defensive Midfielder Techniques and Positioning! We’re going over some CDM Tactics


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    What do you think of increase your soccer game with Episoketren System? I notice many people keep on talking about Episoketren System.

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    Tnks teachers

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    I know this is an old video, and you said something similar to it, but it is very risky to pass through the middle. If the ball is lost it often results in a counter attack by the opponent. So passing more horizontally to the flanks is a more secure way to pass long balls.

  4. Reply

    I've played RB LB CB CDM and RM. I am 5'2 and I'm really skinny so I'm not really useful

  5. I just love busquets man

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    I like the Think fast

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    Thanks bro

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    Right midfielder tactice tirik

  9. Reply

    I am also a CDM and this helped

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    I came here more for the defensive side 🙁

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    Your videos are good.

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    good video with great examples for all levels of players

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    Yo I really liked how you broke it down makes my in game decision making easier and faster

    • Nico
    • January 31, 2021

    Thanks bc I used to play as fullback but now I play cdm and this helped me a lot

  14. Reply

    Thanks mate am 13 and this will help me play at amateur level

  15. Reply

    what tactical board program are you utilizing ?

  16. Reply

    Last resort playing backwards is all dependant on tactics, holding the ball as a cdm and going backwards can drag players in for a long ball or different options, all as important as each other

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    Nice tactics

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    Thanks for the advice helped!

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    I play CDM this was helpful

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    I saved a goal on goal line in the last tournament. Academy coach told I can play CDM position. I was playing in right wing in defence before. Can I play CDM position easily

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    I'm a central defensive midfielder and I'm hoping this clip will really help me

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    Hey most of the videos are blocked, could u please do something about it because I really love your positioning videos and I want to know how to play cam

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    I want to see how to be a great CM

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    Do a centre back one

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    How can I be selected in school football team

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    I love dis video, I prefer playing defense but my coach always wants me to play attack (7or11). I am confused nw, I don't know what to do. Advice pls!!!

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    He looks like emiliano sala

    • Bruh
    • January 31, 2021

    This helped me a lot thanks

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    0:45 thats the first player that came on my mind lol

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    Please make a video about all tactics

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    I need help with marking, I feel that 3 players on my team are telling me 3 different players to mark at the same time ( I just started playing the 6)

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    I play soccer and on Saturday I will be playing cdm. You guys are the best

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    You r all attack why u made a video on defence

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    Be simple for being good CDM

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    What I have a question, why not pass the ball to the outside players like the wide midfielders or wingers?

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    Thank you im a CDM and i improved some !!

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    thank you u discriped it very good how to play as a cdm

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    Always come back to this vid times after times it’s sooo good.

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