Playin Soccer: How to Play Center Back | AllTactics

Awesome Tip: How to Play Center Back | AllTactics

How to play Center Back in Soccer! We’ll talk about basic positioning and how to pass the ball from the back

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    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Me: notices a defending video is by a channel called all attack

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    Very helpful video

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    Can u do this in 5 a side

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    This video helped me alot. Thankyou

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    I am now bullying them after watching @AllAttack videos

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    How to play center forward

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    Yh it help bro your video is good

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    Very basic and bleeding obvious

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    I want more about defenders plzzzz

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    something like…" the defender should be between the oposite striker and his own goalkeeper" … as a mayn thing :))))

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    C super qu'est ce que vous pouvez faire pour latéral droite parce que ce m'a posté

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    This was posted on my birthday. I knew I had the football sprit

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    I play football in Center back so what can I do play like van dijik

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    useless video, annoying music

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    This is allatack not alltactics lol

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    Thank you I learn alot

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    Thank you soooo much, for this video. I'm playing the center back, and i wanna impress my coach, so he can get me on the starting team. Thank you <3

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    loved this video, really helped me. Cheers

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    Subtitle Indonesia

    • MJBR
    • February 3, 2021

    My through passing attack back in the days was my best weapon! I made so my strikers rise their names and stats! good times!

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    plz make video to improve games

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    Hi my coach says that then my team losses possesion a central back needs to stay between 2 attackers like letter "v"

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    Naicee vid

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    thank u

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    Hi I'm AllAttack 🙂

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    Make a video about mats hummles or other central defender

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    Make a video about full back player

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    I want to see a right back video

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    Wing back I need it

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