Playin Soccer: How to Make the Perfect Highlight Video

Awesome Tip: How to Make the Perfect Highlight Video

Jalen’s full highlight video:

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  1. hi, i wanted some help with videos i have, im a pro soccer player in El Salvador and I have some video material, but but I don't know how to get in touch with any university or professional team

  2. Hey I was wondering if it was possible for a player who weighs literally 121lbs and is skinny as can be even though i am trying to work on my body if it is possible for them to even play college soccer. Because i Play highschool Soccer and people tell me you need to gain some more weight so you can body people or you need some more muscle. Is that a big factor for college soccer?

  3. I’ve been scouted by Chelsea and some other clubs a couple years back and now I don’t live in uk anymore but live in Asia.Is it possible for me to get into a us college for soccer?

  4. What about background music? Should you leave the footage with the game noise, or put in a song?

  5. Jalen’s the man!

  6. And let me join your team

  7. One day u should watch are match next year

  8. U know am a goalkeeper for my school and after school team

  9. Bonne vidéo franchement super !
    Un petit bonjour de France ⚽

  10. Please make life of a coach

  11. hugeeee fan coach Javi! love your videos!

  12. Hey coach javi I’m a big fan and I’m currently a college student I played my first year at my community college this year and don’t want to stay another year to play because I’m going to be a junior next year. I am planning on transferring to a 4 year and want to walk on. I was wondering if you could make a video on what it takes to walk on to a college team like D1, what a player should expect, the chances of making a team as a walk on and if there is anything that a player can do to impress a coach. I really enjoy your videos and I really hope you see this comment .

  13. Do you think a player who played jv soccer sophomore year can become a college player

  14. Thanks needed this

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