Playin Soccer: How To Make Mini Soccer Goals!

Awesome Tip: How To Make Mini Soccer Goals!

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  1. Reply

    Like this if you think Boozer is a legend.

  2. Reply

    pvc with net kid

  3. Reply

    I did it with Woodprix.

  4. Reply

    Hmmm… I finally followed Ann's advice and took Woodprix. It's great for beginners and has some advanced stuff too.

  5. Reply

    Que Princessa

    • Alex
    • February 16, 2021

    How did the net hold up?

  6. Reply

    Who’s here for quarantine

  7. Reply

    We make these with my fried it is good fir us to play football withsmal place and score goal

  8. Reply

    Javi going full Hollywood demanding A/C… SMH! Poor Boozer lol

  9. Reply

    I actually made a big one like a big big one

  10. Reply

    The metal you used for the net… I make expanded metal like that at my work 🙂

  11. Reply

    boozer fue a la escuela pa construction perro

  12. Reply

    the problem is you will have to maybe put brackets to put a stake so it stays put each time you kick it in the yard. Or else a strong kick will knock it around. If you do it on the street, then some rubber material to reduce the amount of sliding or movement.

  13. Reply

    You should upload the tournament in a World Cup style series

  14. Reply

    Lol I know what he is talking about cuss I am studying carpentry in school

  15. Reply

    Helpful video! My family is about to move into a new house and we were thinking about putting a "panna arena" in our room. For the nets, problem solved!

  16. Reply

    god damn i love this guy

  17. Reply

    Or you could buy pugg goals 😉

  18. Reply

    Hi coach vea mi perfil de youtube tengo un video de como juego me interesaria jugar para ud soy de ecuador es un sueño para vi vealo le interesara

  19. Reply

    Boozer and Chanfle!!

  20. Reply


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