Playin Soccer: How To Make Cheap DIY Kettlebells From Footballs/Soccer Balls!

Awesome Tip: How To Make Cheap DIY Kettlebells From Footballs/Soccer Balls!

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Product List:

Pvc Pipe:

Duck Tape:

Garden Trowel:


Hand Saw:

Silicone Glue:

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    Kettlebells are great for footballers, especially in times like these. Stay tuned for a football/soccer specific workout. For now, I will be doing a lot of educational content, highlight video breakdowns, coaching questions, etc. live on my twitch channel. Go to https://m.twitch.tv/coachjavi/profile and follow me!

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    The song is hey jude

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    were u from??

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    1:59 mexican goalkeeper gloves FR THO LMFAO

    • L C
    • February 16, 2021

    Just came across this cos I heard of people making kettlebells out of balls… What a cool guy, I hope you keep up your videos and your channel grows, you've got a great personality/attitude for videos like this!

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    Very ingenious! Great project with the kids and getting them to exercise in the driveway. Thank you!

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    Nice I'm doing this tomaro, does it feel better with the gorilla tape or without?

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    Javi got a new girl?

    • Leon
    • February 16, 2021

    Got a like and subscriber

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    Great work☺

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    Coach Javi has some nice kicks

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    U should make a video on how to fade your hair

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    wow coach Javi, what a guy!

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    hey jude by the beatles

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    Nice video!

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    Great video coach Javi, loving the tips on how to work out during these times. Who else is going crazy without football like me?

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