Playin Soccer: How To Make A Highlight Video That Will Get You Recruited!

Awesome Tip: How To Make A Highlight Video That Will Get You Recruited!

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  1. Want an amazing highlight video to standout among other players in the eyes of college and professional scouts.
    Go to https://www.standouthighlightreels.com where you can get your very own highlight video for only $69

  2. Hey coach, during this pandemic do you think it’s wise to have a video of you training with the various aspects of your game as there was no season.

  3. Sir please tell me a good club or Academy in europe

  4. When you put your nationality if your Mexican but you were born in the U.S. what nationality should you put?

  5. I love you, you are amazing ❤️

  6. What if you're not on a team?

  7. Help me to grow up my channal [please]

  8. Hi coach!!! i have a question… What app did you use to make the video or what app do you think i can use to make my video?

  9. Who filmed for you?

  10. what if u have videos wen u were younger

  11. Can you guys look at mine on my channel and comment how it is?

  12. Move your hat or change lighting!

  13. Do you add music to your highlight video or leave the sound of the game in the background? Thanks!

  14. SocrPro.com lets you create a FREE Player's Page that helps you create a great highlight video with the focus animation that Javi recommends. Now you can have all your bio / stats on one page and create your own playlist. 1 Link is all you need forever to get college coaches to all your highlight videos : Here's an example of an easy to create, free, Player's Page on SocrPro: https://SocrPro.com/u/ziggy

  15. Puedes hacer un video como este. Pero en español.porfavor

  16. Check my channel @Bryan calderon

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