Playin Soccer: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball for Beginners! | Upper Body Training

Awesome Tip: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball for Beginners! | Upper Body Training

How to juggle a soccer ball for beginners, use your upper body to juggle a football!

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Upper Body Juggling – Training – AllAttack!

— Intro —

Today we’ll show you a few juggling exercises you can do to improve your ability to control the ball with your head and shoulders.

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—- Simple Heading —-

When you are first learning to juggle with your upper body, use your hands to throw the ball up to your head. It may be difficult at first, but with practice, you will likely improve to 5 touches, 10 touches, or more. Keep track of your personal record and try to beat it each day.

Bend your knees and shift your feet quickly to adjust your body to the movement of the ball.

—- Partner Juggling —-

Practice upper body juggling with a friend or teammate. Begin a few yards apart, with the ball in your hands. Throw the ball to your partner’s head. Then keep the ball up by heading it back and forth.

Over time, increase the distance between partners.

Bend your knees and keep your feet moving quickly, improving your ability to head the ball accurately to your partner.

—- Full Body —-

Once you can juggle with both your upper and lower body, put it all together with full body juggling exercises.

Start by using your feet to bring the ball up to your knees, then up to your head.

Use your shoulders and knees to let the ball back down from your head to your feet, and repeat the process.

As you improve, try the 7 Point Challenge [Graphic]. The goal of the 7 Point Challenge is juggle up one side of your body and down the other, then back again.

Start with one foot, then bring the ball up to your knee on that side, then up to your shoulder, and then your head. Next, drop the ball down to your other shoulder, your other knee, and your other foot.

—- Conclusion –—

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