Playin Soccer: How to Increase Stamina for Soccer | Training

Awesome Tip: How to Increase Stamina for Soccer | Training

How to increase stamina for soccer or football! Fitness Training


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    Before everyone says it… yes this is a re-upload. The copyright lords over at UEFA took the last one down. Hopefully this one will survive!

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    Very good video

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    Can you please upload a video about strength training exercises

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    Literally love your videos , very helpful , i improved a lot , thanks

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    I think distance running is not for soccer

    • X V
    • February 5, 2021

    Running continuously isnt football specific

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    Tem nici vc é o melhor

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    U R amazing bro

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    Do a diet of a football player pleasee!!

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    Why don't you become a football player

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    Where do you live

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    Like here who watch this vedio from pakistan

    • Jed
    • February 5, 2021

    Hum sorry but I feel like I can help people looking to improve their stamina and this video is not complete in my opinion. First of all, there's no advice abouth breathing which is one of the most important aspects of building stamina. Force yourself to breathe in through the nose so that your lungs, heart and muscles get used to working with less oxygen. It will be harder at the beginning but definitely worth it afterwards.

    Then, running is not the only thing you can do to improve your stamina. Swimming is another great alternative and it engages your whole body as well, improving your posture and therefore allowing you to run more easily with a straighter back afterwards. As a warm up, try holding your breath underwater for as long as you can 3 or 4 times in a row before starting to swim, with 30 seconds to 1 minute rest between each repetition.

    Next, about running, going for a simple jog is obviously helpful to improve stamina but you can step it up by planning sprinting sessions if you have access to a running track or a football pitch as showed in the video. Sprint at about 80% of your maximum speed in straight lines and recover while jogging slowly in the corners (at about 2 to 3 times faster than your walking pace). Do as many laps as you can but remember to run the same distance in both directions around the track (for example 5 laps in the normal direction and 5 laps in the opposite direction) so that your knees, ankles, hips or back remain well balanced instead of always turning to the left or the right around the track. On a football pitch, you can use one half of it and do your sprints diagonally from the corner flag to the opposite angle of the square, then recover along the straight line and sprint again diagonally when you reach the next corner, etc.

    At the end of the day, the idea is to bring intensity to your training so you'll have to push yourself slightly more every time as you improve your stamina. Biking is another easy way to do that. And don't forget : make sure to warm up properly, keep hydrated and stretch after each session.

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    Un favor hermano, pon subtítulos en español.

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    Dude this is crazy I have play with you and against you, didn’t know you had a YouTube channel. And I needed this video this my endurance is bad

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    Pls post a video on nut meg

  16. Bro which country you are frome

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    अच्छा वीडियो है।

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    I have a syndrome that makes you're kidneys sick so i have less stamina then normal people, but i really like football so this is really important for me thanks for making this video, plus i do sit-ups and push-ups (mostly sit-ups) will this also help by have more stamina/energy?

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    Tip:Do not run on concrete.

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    dude, don't land on ur heels when u run

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    Thnx for this video bro

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    U mean running at full speed?

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    You are genius

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    Where are you running dude, like seriously this is beautiful.

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    Flick ups video upload

    • FSE
    • February 5, 2021

    Hmm, this channel's name is AllAttack.. Bet he plays fifa All-Out-Attack.

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    Make a video for with out see ball and and playing game ans practice

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    Can you Make a video of tackling

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    Hey can u make a tutorial how to play like messi or ronaldo ?

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    Really appreciate these ideas, will use them for our tutorials on our channel to better endurance our players. Thanks again, big fan.

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    Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I have started vlogging about football

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    I first subbed to this channel when you had about 100 subs. I'm not lying. I remember when you got 600 subscribers and uploaded a footgolf video.

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    It's bad that you didn't make all attack live for INDIA we too deserve to play and learn football as much as you do

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    Why u guys are not uploading new video ?

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    Sub to pewdiepie

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    Is There a Standout Favourite to Win The Champions League? – UEFA Champions League

  38. Where are you from-UK or USA?

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    And make it crub one.

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