Playin Soccer: How to Improve Your Weak Foot | Training

Awesome Tip: How to Improve Your Weak Foot | Training

How to Improve Your Weak Foot in Soccer and Football! Improve the overall strength of your weaker foot with these training tips.


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AllAttack is dedicated to showcasing and teaching the attacking skills utilized by the world’s best players. The world’s game has so many variations, there are so many different players with special skill sets, and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it be field intelligence, skill moves, passing, or finishing. Here we weekly break down the world class (or just things we think are cool) attacking attributes.

Camera Man: Dane Brinkman


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    Hey you guys help me i watch you for 3year all attack

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    I think that you like Robert and robben .am I right and also you are a Bayern fan . ,I think so

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    I am a right winger but i want to play on the left winger so i can score better goals, this really helps me

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    I have did not work my weak foot in 1000 days

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    It is a good idea .

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    Please putt header video

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    Visit my channel please promote my channel please

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    Volleys left on left foot

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    What is the song name, plz

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    Good video

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    All attack,Unisport,Simply soccer,Progressive soccer
    These 4 channels are very useful

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    iwanth how to improve weak foot and how to do juggle

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    How to shoot grass ball plzz
    Make a video of this

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    I want to be a professional what could I do?

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    My weak foot is right

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    plant foot advice is crucial – thanks

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    Enter buy a useless 2$ ball or it’ll get ripped to shreds on the pavement within 10 minutes.
    Trust me I know from experience

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    Kerala blasters ലേക്ക് വരൂ plssssssss

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    new nitro lol!

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    why whenever i used my weak foot for shooting it hurt alot but no power to it that the dominant foot

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    I need too a wall

  25. I love your tutorial. now i'm well developed in the football skills by your videos. so i want more videos from your channel

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    Today while playing match i had a chance to hit with my left foot..but shot power was too low

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    I can play soccer with both of my feet

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    who watching this video that haven't foot yet…..

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    Yo I did this and now my right foot is my weak foot .

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