Playin Soccer: How to Improve Your Turns in Football | 30 Day Training

Awesome Tip: How to Improve Your Turns in Football | 30 Day Training

How to Improve Your Turns in Football or Soccer!

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  1. Reply

    Indian lovers

  2. Reply

    21.51s with my weak foot, 19.16s with my strong foot

  3. Reply

    know yor time

  4. Reply

    18 sec strong foot

  5. Reply

    Please on how to defense

  6. Reply

    8.7 seconds

  7. Reply

    Go on.

  8. Reply

    10.2 seconds with strong foot and 11.5 seconds with weak foot

  9. Can you upload skills of marcelo

  10. Reply

    How to use Weak foot as good as your strong foot…..?????

  11. Reply

    I love this channel please you can give video over goal keepers because i cannot judge the ball and i miss and its a goal

  12. Reply

    AllAttack are we going to do With both leg 15 minutes

  13. Reply

    In 8 sec

  14. Reply

    tutorial of around the world plzplz

  15. Reply

    Plzzzz make one video for goalkeeper as well

  16. Reply

    10.1 strong foot

  17. Reply

    i did 5.4 seconds with my stronger foot
    and 8.4 with the left foot

  18. Reply

    I do it 8.9 sec with my strong foot and 9.8 sec with my weak foot in a month

  19. Reply

    how to train like a pro football player?

  20. Reply

    WOW!!! It just improved my skills as past

  21. Reply

    I like this

  22. Reply

    Strong 9.5
    Weak 10.11

  23. Reply

    In 6.7 sec

  24. Reply

    I cemplete

  25. Reply


  26. Reply

    Every vid is funtastic

  27. And weak foot 8.9

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