Playin Soccer: How to Improve Your Turns | Football Training

Awesome Tip: How to Improve Your Turns | Football Training

AllAttack returns with some turns!

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    Ronaldo passing skills next please

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    OH boy I have to start measuring

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    buen video

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    I improve a lot with your vedios thanks all attack

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    I love it

  7. For training I need football tell me now the cheapest football under my bajed

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    Hi, my humble opinion: this one you are doing could b more to footworks, but i thought you would do a 3-mens-drill. Turning is more about your eye-on surroundings and off the ball movement.React in timing and you move into space, receive via first touch (inside or outside foot), turn, space with ball, options. These are typical drills even professionals. Check out 1 great video on James Milner he showed fine example for that. Again, just imo

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    I am your big fan

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    You upload very useful videos

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    Wow on

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    this video realy made me good player,thumbs up,and lots of love

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    GOD! I loved your channel bro!⚽❤

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    I have a question 2 u
    Pls answer!!

    Which football player u like most?!

    Answer it pls!!!

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    I try … insaallah

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    If you turn to become a baby….what do you think u like to play….what toys can improve your intelligence…? What u bought means you are the next baby to play it.

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    i love it ! Great video!

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