Playin Soccer: How to improve your dribbling in 30 days!

Awesome Tip: How to improve your dribbling in 30 days!

How to improve your dribbling in 30 days! This new training series helps you track your progress over one month

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    We'll be making these shorter 30 day training videos in-between our normal 4-5 minute videos to help us post more frequently. Also, help support the channel by buying something from the new AllAttack store. Get $5 off our new shirt with this link!: https://teespring.com/AA-Learn1?pr=5OFF

    If you practice the drill consistently your dribbling will quickly improve, so remember to put time in every day 🙂

  2. Reply

    4•3 second

  3. Reply

    my best time is 6.7 seconds with strong foot

  4. Reply

    3 seconds week foot

  5. Reply

    7.90 sec in strong & 8.30 sec in weak foot

  6. Reply

    Only men will understand 0:24

  7. Reply

    Fantastic video! I have improved by 2 seconds on each of my feet.

  8. Reply

    I completed 4.6 with my correct foot and 5.6with my weak foot

  9. Reply

    what does it mean by seconds

  10. Reply

    I swear I started this week at 7.99 on weak foot (left)and7.57 on strong foot(right) today I got 4.99 on weak foot (left)and 4.33 on strong foot (right).

  11. Reply

    Make a neymar rainbow tutorial please. Please

  12. Reply

    Mine is 7.47

  13. Reply

    Why I’m i watching this I play semi-pro U-17

  14. Reply

    0:12 I know that I’m watching all attacks

  15. Reply

    Perhaps you too are a source of allah

  16. Reply

    I made it 2.5 seconds

  17. Reply

    As a defender I struggle with this :l

  18. Reply

    Please make a video on how to chesting properly

  19. Reply

    I did 1.15

  20. Reply

    I got 25 second in my strong
    And with my weak one…. ugh leave I stopped the watch as it was above a minute.

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