Playin Soccer: How to Impress The Coach at Tryouts – 5 Things You Need To Do

Awesome Tip: How to Impress The Coach at Tryouts – 5 Things You Need To Do

Welcome to the very first Stoppage Time Sunday! Have any questions for next week? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Hey guys, please leave any questions down below for next week! What did you think of the first Stoppage Time Sunday??

  2. how do i stand out as a forward? o have tryouts tomorrow

  3. I have tryouts in 45 min

  4. It’s gonna be hard because it’s corona season

  5. When you realize you can't actually shake hands anymore

  6. thank you!

  7. Coach do you have a video of what not to do

  8. Thanks for the tips I’m trying out for sf sol girls soccer team

  9. I have tryouts this Monday at high school

  10. I'm not the best at talking so I don't know about that part

  11. How long do you have to run during tryouts? 1 mile?

  12. are you a coach or something you helped me alot

  13. why messi????

  14. How can international players who wanna play in the US stand out? Do coaches have a preference for american athletes or do they really look for players from other countries?

  15. Coach Javi can you please do more episodes on Train by yourself series, it was so good because I never have a partner to train with

  16. In women’s college soccer, what’s the hardest position to recruit or find enough talent for? Goalkeeper, Defense, Midfield, Forward/Striker? Thanks

  17. This is sorta copying Matt Sheldon’s 2 minute Tuesday.?????

  18. Thanks m8

  19. Is this what fame feels like? haha J/k Gracias por el saludo.

  20. Hey javi, I am a striker I love playing striker but I do not know how to move into open lanes and how to move off the ball, can u make a video about it in your next stoppage Sunday’s?

  21. Coach Javi; good addition to your already great channel. My son has made his academy team this year. He is an all-round decent player at every position; but I think he thrives more at center-midfield, where he distributes the ball really well at setting up his strikers. Competition in this position is growing as the team has almost doubled in size, and brought on some more good players. Here is my question for you: How does my son continue to keep the coaches eyes on himself, for that CM position? Cheers

  22. I have soccer goggles, do those stand out Coach Javi?

  23. This. Is. GREAT! Everyone can get something out of it. It's quick, precise,,,Beautiful!

  24. Great first stoppage time video! Turned out great!

  25. Next level lad….next level

  26. Question: For college do I need a highlight video to try out or can I just go to the try outs? This is about all divisions

  27. What about if you go and do a practice with a college coach, not with there team but just with a few other people they are looking at bringing in in the following year

  28. You're actually killin it man. Keep it up bruh

  29. How to play left wing?


  31. Coach Javi, what about something for defenders? My daughter is a defender and could use some advice. She is slated to go D2 or D3 as a junior. Thanks

  32. I dont have a full soccer uniform. Is it ok if i wear Ronaldo shirt with Mexico national team shorts? Also i only have 1 sock thats rainbow colored. Other will be simply white. You kool with that?

  33. Coach, tips on how to master HS soccer?

  34. I’ve made the DTC team in my district.

  35. If I can play multiple positions does that give me a better chance of getting recruited because I mostly play outside Midfield but this season I played as a forward, defensive mid, and a left back but I also have experience as a center back because I had to help in the JV games because we didn't have enough players so some of the varsity players had to play on the JV team as well as varsity.

  36. Good job man

  37. Great video! My family is looking for a high value soccer ball, not something ultra cheap like a Glider or really spendy like a match ball. Any recommendations in the $30 – $60 range?

    • Baez
    • January 31, 2021

    What are some qualities a midfielder should have in order to stand out ??

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