Playin Soccer: How To Get Scouted/Recruited To Play College Soccer – What You NEED To Do!

Awesome Tip: How To Get Scouted/Recruited To Play College Soccer – What You NEED To Do!

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Here is what YOU can do to get yourself scouted and playing at the next level. I get asked this question many times a day, so I figured I would give you my thoughts.

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  1. Reply

    Sign up for my Atlanta camp!!!

  2. Reply

    I live in The Netherlands and i would really want to get into a college soccer team but there are no camps here to let coaches see what am able to do, so maybe if there are enough people like me over here you should do a camp here.

  3. Reply

    When are u coming back to Rockford

  4. Reply

    Thanks for sharing all this information. Although I'm really interested in camps, I live in Brazil…

  5. Reply

    One time we played against a Houston dynamo team and they offered me a contract and my coach has said that I had a contract with my old team so I literally lost the opportunity

  6. Reply

    Has anyone tried Episoketren System? (just google it) I've noticed many amazing things about this popular training program.

  7. Reply

    Hi coach Javi I am from south africa that is a good idea

  8. Reply

    I’m from Jamaica does it apply for me?

  9. Reply

    You are great more blessed

  10. Reply

    I am very interested in the camp. Beaverton Oregon

  11. Reply

    It would be awesome if you did a camp in H town

  12. Reply

    Yep we do wanna watch your vlogs please .. they really are amazing

  13. Reply

    I am interested in camps. I’m in pearland Texas but basically in Houston if not I can try to go to falls to attend to one of your camp

  14. Reply

    Hey coach Javi what advice would you give for a sophomore in high school trying to play in college?

  15. Reply

    The biggest problem is how I’m going to get a highlight video that’s a big worry of mine

  16. Reply

    I live in Houston btw

  17. Reply

    It would really be beneficial if you came to Houston TX and did a camp there

  18. Reply

    Do one in Brockton Mas

    • R B
    • February 1, 2021

    Make a camp in Belfast

  19. Reply

    Massachusetts Stoughton

  20. Reply

    Dallas Texas area

  21. Reply

    Boston MA

  22. Reply

    Very much interested and I am from Trinidad in the Caibbean.

    Have lots of talent here.

    • lol
    • February 1, 2021

    I Live in Stuart , florida and am currently a high school attendant for Martin county high school and love playing soccer it’s my passion for as long as I can remember currently the soccer season is over. 🙁

  23. Reply

    I have a question, I am currently homeschooled but will be moved to a private school next school year. I am currently in 9th grade, never been on a team (except rec) so it's not like I have any highlights to send to coaches , and probably wont be on a team until maybe 10th grade or after. Am i too late for the college soccer process ? I just dont know where to start. My parents cant pay for a trainer for me and so far I have learned all my skills purely from youtube. I'm ready to prepare for college soccer I just dont know where to start because I feel like I am late. Someone please help me out with advice it will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

  24. Reply

    Coach Javi is there an age limit to play soccer in college?

  25. Reply


  26. Reply

    I would like if you could have a camp in Columbus, Ohio

  27. Reply

    M looking for coach/football academic for my 8 years old son!!! Please help!!!

  28. Reply

    yes coach javi, i want too do a camp with you, i am from italy milan, and i can come to usa with you

  29. Reply

    please coach,can you also add your age to the message you are sending to the coach..

  30. Reply

    Check out my highlights and give me feedback pls

  31. Reply


  32. Reply

    Omaha Nebraska

    • 12
    • February 1, 2021


  33. Reply

    What if you get cut from your school team and you don't know what to do now?

  34. Reply

    I love that idea. I’m kinda late but Long Island, New York

  35. Reply

    Ayy ; Newtown, PA ; hit us up

  36. Reply

    Coach Javi, The reason why you should do a camp in Washington is because we have a lot of good talent. Portland is known for the soccer city of the PNW and Washington doesn’t get that much recognition, but we are up there with any other state. I believe that having a camp in Washington would greatly impact us as players and also show us that we have a chance to make it to the big leagues. In my city of Longview Washington, we used to have all these club teams up to high school but now they only go to about middle school then stop. I found soccer and fell in love but the place that I live in doesn’t have much opportunity to grow and go big so having a camp in Washington would be good for our soccer program today and for the future.

  37. Reply

    Toronto, Canada

  38. Reply

    I’m interested in a camp here in Phoenix Arizona

  39. Reply

    Hey coach Javi. You should try and come down to California and have a camp in San Luis Obispso

  40. Reply

    Texas area in the near future would be great lots of skilled players out here come out and see what we can do ☄️

  41. Reply

    I finished my Associate's degree, but I don't have much Highlight videos from my PDL team, other than my own personal youtube videos, could I use that as a video reel? Thanks for your time!

  42. Reply

    Grand rapids or Kalamazoo

  43. Reply

    Hey I would love for u to do camps and I am from Wichita falls tx

  44. Reply


  45. Reply

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Coach Javi!

  46. Reply

    Dallas texas in cfb

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