Playin Soccer: How to Get Recruited WITHOUT a Highlight Video!

Awesome Tip: How to Get Recruited WITHOUT a Highlight Video!

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  1. Reply

    Very helpfull! Thank you

  2. Reply

    Awesome video brother! Educational videos are a big help for us High School Coaches!!

  3. Reply

    Great video

  4. Reply

    How is Coach Bradley doing?

  5. Reply

    That’s why I figured it out… Um, I’m considering my transfer school from the D3 to D1 after completing two years. What advice can you give me? Appreciate that!

  6. Reply

    Next video? “How to go from juco to D1 college”

  7. Reply

    This was actually super helpful and I’ll definitely keep 4 in mind

  8. Reply

    good educational content

  9. Reply

    For next video can you post trainings for fitnesses or technical ability

  10. Reply

    Could you please do a video about US college/ university (how it fonctions ..) and how a player could join this system from abroad ?

  11. Reply

    Nice video

    • Samy
    • March 1, 2021

    I just have a question.
    What is a good time in the 40 for soccer Players?
    4.80? 4.70? 5.00?

  12. Reply

    Coach Avi can you post your high school and college highlight video if you still have them. Thank you for your daily dose of important content.

  13. Reply

    Great video Coach, it's real tough for someone like me in Vetnam to get highlight tapes so these videos are quite useful!

  14. Reply

    Great video as always Coach!
    btw I just sent you an email hoping to appear in your next video of “breaking down your highlight videos”
    Bendiciones profe!!

  15. Reply

    How long should a highlight video be?

  16. Reply

    Video idea – howd to progress in workouts without overehelming yourself especially high intensity training without killing yourself running out of breath?

  17. Reply

    Im guessing this is the same for trying to get on a pro team without a highlight video?

  18. Reply

    Can you still get recruited for a d1 or do school if you graduated from high school 2 years ago??

  19. Reply

    Thanks a lot coach Javi. I've got no video because the teams i've played for and against refuse to give me any footage but the coaches i've trained under are really well known and the real deal. This actually makes me feel a lot more confident that I can reach out to college coaches now. I was always wary of adding training videos because as of what you said with them not really being able to showcase my in game abilities properly but I think I might be more open to using them.

  20. Reply

    love the vid as always!!

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    I sent my highlight video to like 30-50 colleges I guess I wasn’t meant to play in college

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    idk what to comment so ill just write this… :p

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    Class as always:)

  24. Reply

    I needed this… lol

  25. Reply

    Coach Javi I sent you a coaching question through Messenger and if you could give me your opinion that would be a great help. Thanks

  26. Reply

    Even though it is possible to be recruited without a highlight video, it is still extremely important to make one if you can. Especially in these times!

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