Playin Soccer: How To Get Recruited To Play College Soccer/Football – The Ultimate Guide

Awesome Tip: How To Get Recruited To Play College Soccer/Football – The Ultimate Guide

In this episode we dive in to the college recruiting process and I give you some tips to help you maximize your chances. Whether you are an international or a player from the states, you can use some of these helpful tips to get you started. Best of luck on your journey!


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    Did I miss anything?

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    Thanks coach I want to be a soccer player

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    Can you send email for free?

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    YouTube: Enrico Romano 17' clip a 16 year old sophomore going to college. Left footed and quick….please leave a comment.

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    United FC (Bahamas) has the most U17 WNT players (7), but getting these ladies noticed by US College is difficult because we have limited resources. What can we do to improve the chances of our players getting seen?

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    Best youtube channel out here

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    Coach Javi—- My son has had no luck in the college recruiting process. Two Division III schools have said while he is a good player, there are other kids who are slightly better at his position. He is on the small side 5' 7''. He has been on high school varsity for three years and has been playing top level travel soccer for the past 8 years. It appears to me coaches are looking for tall, fast and athletic kids and not necessary kids who have a high soccer IQ (tactical and technical) . Amy thoughts or suggestions? The coaches are seem to be secretive on what they are looking for in a young player. Just not sure what to do next.

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    I’m 13 on a u-16 comp team and I start I’m a striker

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    I wanna join detroit city fc U8 Team but didnt get accepted at tryout

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    This may be a dumb question but do u apply to college before contacting coach or the other way?

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    How long should you wait to send the follow up email?

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    Any thoughts on kids not playing their first year of school. Playing adult leagues, etc, and focusing on grades locally to reduce cost and then looking to go finish school and play. Is this a bad decision and do you think it hurts their chances. Also, does it effect their playing eligibility?

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    Im from Belguim and im currently in college can i go to a soccer college in usa or ca?

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    Hola puedes hacer un video así en español porfa

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    Er du Norsk?

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    This worked for my brother thank u he’s in liverpool scouts now

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    Is college soccer the best way to go pro? Or should you skip college and go to tryouts? Please help

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    please do one specificially for an international player for example england

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    Because where I’m from we usually play 7vs 7

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    The hightlight vid must be 11 vs 11 or can it be 7 vs 7???

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    Wish I would have known this growing up. Now I know what to do for my future kids.

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    What about rules and restrictions on when college/university coaches can contact recruits?  Like are there minimum grade/ages before they can respond or move forward with recruitment?
    I guess on that front, when is it appropriate to think about initiating contact with coaches?  Jr high? 9th grade? Junior year?

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    Can you still go pro playing d2 or NAIA?

    • AM9
    • February 4, 2021

    Nice information and video. Good stuff Javi.

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    Quality content as usual Coach Javi! I’m a sophomore in highschool right now coming off of a starting varsity season in MA (CDM-7 assists 1 goal) I have a showcase preseason tournament coming up for my club team in about three weeks, and I’d like to reach out to some of the schools in my region to try to get some looks from college coaches in my region. How should I go about asking coaches to actually come to watch me play? Should I be adding many of the aspects mentioned in this video in my initial emails or should it include different information? Thanks again Coach Javi.

  25. Coach Javi thank you for providing us with useful and tangible knowledge for the last 2 years. Thank you wish you all the best.

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    only if I saw this video 3 years ago

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