Playin Soccer: How To Get A Division 1 College Soccer Scholarship

Awesome Tip: How To Get A Division 1 College Soccer Scholarship

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  1. What topics would you like me to cover in a future video??

  2. coach no tengo papeles 🙁

  3. GREAT INFORMATION, thank you!!

  4. Hi Coach Javi, does the condition of the field matter based on presentation for the video you intend to send ?

  5. Can you make a video of what to do if you don’t get recruited to play in college?

  6. Great video coach

  7. What’s the average gpa that d1 coaches would look for ?

  8. I honestly believe that I qualify

  9. Very nice
    Quick to the point
    And well done

  10. Thanks allot , I come from Puerto Rico and I am moving to the USA to look for a better future in soccer and your advise has really helped me understand how those things work.

  11. Javi, Nice quick presentation. I coach at a 1 year prep school postgraduate in Maine and have these conversations daily with current players who are still not committed. With Video and short ones and long ones. Good job keeping it simple and I love the part where you were talking about branding yourself. We talk about body language a ton because we try and film most practices and obviously all matches. I have subscribed look forward to more topics

  12. Big question: Does going to d1 college camps over the summer help with the recruiting process?

  13. Hi I need your help coach for my soccer can you help me please

  14. Is it a problem if my highlight video is just about futsal? Because i only play futsal and would like a lot to get a scholarship

  15. Any tips Coach Javi for an international community college sophomore with no highlights, and hasn't played for any team in the US.
    I believe I could play for a D1 team, but the tools to get myself out there to coaches isn't there.

  16. What if you can’t get highlight videos because in America, playing for a academy, club, or school, is so costly or impossible to do. I believe I work so hard for soccer but I am scared I won’t get recognized because of where I grew up. There are no academies or schools near me with proper soccer training.

  17. Because of Corona: should I film myself alone showing my skills? Juggling, shooting…

  18. Another tip that I did a lot, I would message the assistant coaches too! If the head coach missed my email , they would see it and forward it!

  19. I am a senior in highschool… Is it too late to get recruited for the next season now?

  20. Can you do a foreign version

  21. do you think I could go D1 from my film

  22. thanks for your nice video, but from where our players get that scholarships? what is the best school for abroad players?

  23. Followed your channel for a long time, daughter and I started watching when you were coaching at Gardner-Webb. She's now a freshman playing D1 soccer on scholarship.

  24. I hope to see you all be playing on your national teams one day!

  25. Q/A: is it a good idea to use apps/websites to display your history of playing as well as current position. Will coaches actual see the profile? How many coaches use these apps/websites

  26. I sent like 8 or 9 emails and just didn’t get a reply. Do i keep emailing them?

  27. could u do it for foreign players?

  28. Really helpful advice

  29. Coach Javi,

    Any advice in general for coaches who recently got in the college game? I just started my first year as a graduate assistant. Maybe you could do a video on it? Or a response would be awesome! Have been following you for quite sometime, even before your time at Gardner webb!

  30. Coach Javi what would you suggest about ID camps? Like how many you should attend and tips for during the showcase?

  31. How can I contact them if I’m not American ?

  32. Man in the U.S all of this sending videos and highlights is crazy. In South America you just show up to a club ,try out and if ur good they are going to recruit you! Here the grind is not normal , its like the scout dont care, all they want is a Messi player. For this reason , the USA will never be a top football country. Their strategy to scout players is horrible. Only the rich kids get a place in. Even zlatan and maradona said it.

  33. What if I don’t have an highlight video because there’s no one recording me

  34. Video idea- what happens after playing at a college level??

  35. Hi coach javi, great video! I am wondering when (in what grade) should I start to contact coaches and use the tips you have presented in this video? I am in 7th grade at the moment. Thanks!

  36. Great video

  37. I hope you all get a scholarship

  38. Hi

  39. Great video coach. Video idea: how to get a D1 scholarship but foreigner edition or how to get recruited to college as a player in a small city? Thanks and big fan coach!

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