Playin Soccer: How To Get A College Soccer Coach To Email You Back!

Awesome Tip: How To Get A College Soccer Coach To Email You Back!



Sorry if this was a bit less entertaining than my usual videos, just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic as I’ve gotten a lot of email lately about this!

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    Bonus Tip: Email all the coaches on staff. Often times the head coach doesn’t have enough time and the assistants do a lot of the recruiting!

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    Do you mention any academic info in the emails?

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    El Paso TX. Pebble Hills high

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    Hey coach Javi. I started watching ur videos currently, and I find them very helpful. I want to ask u wether or not I can play D1 college soccer with only 1 year (senior year ) of varsity high school soccer? Thank you.

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    Can the assistant coaches email you back if you are not a junior yet ? Or all coaches at the University can’t email you back until your junior year

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    Hey Coach Javi can you do a video about how a forginer can make it collefe soccer 🙂

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    Great idea for the next video!

  8. What if a d1 player made a YouTube channel and put videos up like the ones you made with them?

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    Ready to watch the next video coach!!

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    What is the certain age you need to have?

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    I'm from Dubai and I study IGCSE curriculum i feel like it's 2 times harder for me to get scouted by American universities. Do you have any advise to increase my chances of getting scouted?

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    could you give an example of a highlight video for a forward?

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    Do you know Joao Espinheira?

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    Coach great video. Question… can I have your jacket? That last gray one you were wearing will do it looks nice and warm. Thanks

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    yeahhhh nice vid coach javi. watch my YouTube vids anyone thanks!

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    Hi Coach Javi, I really appreciate this video because I was actually about to email coaches tomorrow! Sadly I was only to get the film of 4.5 of my games this season but I made a highlight tape from it. If you could check it out that would be great! Thank you for these tips!

    • Luis
    • February 2, 2021

    Thanks for the video coach, really informational and interesting; yes upload the highlight video of the best player in your team.

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    Hey Coach Javi. I appreciate the videos you have been making. I am a sophomore at a division 2 university and I am looking to transfer to a better division 2 program or walk on to a division 1 program. The first step is to obviously get a permission to speak to other coaches which I have. My question is is how would I go about trying to transfer? Any advice on getting a coach to want me? Maybe you could make a video on what guys should do when trying to transfer. Or hopefully you see this comment and help me out. Again, awesome videos. Take care

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    Hey coach javi. What if you play two positions? Do you include that you play both and include highlights of both positions? Or just choose a primary position and do that instead? Thanks coach javi! I love these videos and all the advice

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    What club level did most of your college players played when they were in high school?

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    It would be great to see the level that your best player plays, very interested to see that, and this video is greatly appreciated and informative, thank you for this Coach Javi

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    I mentioned “i need a scholarship” i got an email back, right away.

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    Coach are you ever coming to texas?

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    Great video coach Javi very informative!!

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    Oaxaca !

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    Coach Javi, I kid you not, I'm working with an ex player of mine and someone that I train, he's a junior in High School now and we've been talking about this same topic for over a year now. He just completed his highlight video and he's nailed down two of your points so far. This has been a very helpful video. Thank you, big fan of your channel.

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    What’s wrong with chicos back legs? Just wanted to know

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    Also, what would your recommendation be for people already in university, but wanting to walk-on?

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    Nice video man

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    Yo Javi, did you work out today?

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    Too fast. Too early

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