Playin Soccer: How to Dribble with Speed Like Kaka, Robben, or Bale!

Awesome Tip: How to Dribble with Speed Like Kaka, Robben, or Bale!


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    This year we’ll be answering questions like this every other week! So get your questions in and one of them might be featured in a video. Thanks!

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    Make only for kaka

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    How to manage study and football

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    How to save a penalty trickly

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    I used to dribble great with speed but this corona virus ruined everything…

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    Ronaldo videos

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    Plzz make a video on Cristiano Ronaldo skills

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    Yes I watching all attack

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    How can we play as central midfielder?

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    Make a video howto dribbling like Messi,Ronaldo and Neymar

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    How to save the ball

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    Love kaka .

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    How to take a bicycle

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    You should make more videos for the diffenders.

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    A winger need speed for play well.

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    How to dribble like messi

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    Could you do a video on how to curve a ball on a corner

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    Bro how to do pennka kick

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