Playin Soccer: How to do the Ronaldinho Elastico! Detailed Step by Step | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: How to do the Ronaldinho Elastico! Detailed Step by Step | Tutorial

The Ronaldinho Elastico! Ever wanted to know how to do an elastico like Ronaldinho? Learn how to do two different variations of the elastico skill move in this tutorial. We’ll take you through step by step.


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AllAttack is dedicated to showcasing and teaching the attacking skills utilized by the world’s best players. The world’s game has so many variations, there are so many different players with special skill sets, and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it be field intelligence, skill moves, passing, or finishing. Here we weekly break down the world class (or just things we think are cool) attacking attributes.

Step 1: Draw in the Defender

The elastico is a not a move you would typically use at high speeds or on the run. It’s a skill that depends mostly on surprise. So the first thing you would do is dribble slowly at your opponent. As you move towards him, it’s likely the defender will do the same and move towards you. This will create space behind him for you to run into later.

Step 2: Push with the outside of your foot

Push the ball with the outside of your foot as though you’re going that direction. It’s important to note that in this step the ball shouldn’t leave your foot. You’re pushing the ball rather than hitting it.

Step 3: Change to the inside of your foot

This is without a doubt the hardest part of doing an elastico. Few people can successfully change the ball from the outside of their foot to the inside in one motion. Once you have the ball on the inside of your foot, you use that to push the ball past the defender and accelerate away.

When practicing the skill, start by doing it in two separate touches. As you get quicker at doing that the more and more it will look like you’re doing an elastico

The second skill we’ll be doing today is sometimes called an outside elastico, and the first step should sound familiar. Draw in the defender before you surprise him with the move

Step 2: Use the outside of your heel to push

Use the outside of your heel to push the ball forward. Once again it’s important to note that you’re trying to push the ball, rather than hitting it.

Step 3: Hit the ball with the outside of your toe

At this point the ball should be farther up on the outside of your foot. Quickly turn your ankle so that you hit the ball with the outside of your toe. Flicking the ball past your surprised opponent.

When practicing the move, start by touching the ball with your heel and then your toe. As you practice it will get faster and begin to look like an outside elastico.


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