Playin Soccer: How To Do the Maradona Spin | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: How To Do the Maradona Spin | Tutorial

How to do the Maradona Spin! You ask and we deliver, watch this break down of the popular Maradona/Roulette skill move. With detailed descriptions of technique, as well as tips on using the skill in real game situations.


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AllAttack is dedicated to showcasing and teaching the attacking skills utilized by the world’s best players. The world’s game has so many variations, there are so many different players with special skill sets, and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it be field intelligence, skill moves, passing, or finishing. Here we weekly break down the world class (or just things we think are cool) attacking attributes.


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    Bro how to rainbow like Neymar Jr plz tell

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    Rip legend

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    Hey All Attack !!!can you please do a tutorial on step overs

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    RIP you legend

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    Rest in peace legend.
    This is one of the first skills I learned in football.

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    I want to do this in today's match to honour him

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    rip to one of the best footballers out there, rip Maradona❤️

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    Never knew the man.. Knew the move tho. RIP

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    rest in piece Maradona

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    Came here after the news… RIP.

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    RIP King

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    Rip maradona

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    Rip to a legend

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    I call this the cruff Turn

    Sorry if I spelt it wrong

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    b u

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    The first skill I do in football went I was just 5

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    Thanks bra

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    It is your best video

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    Great video, but can u do a video on the 5 essential skill a baller needs.

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    Zizou invented this move why call it Maradona spin

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    Can you make a video of learning Julian Brandt's skills He is awesome

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    Ita marsille roulette

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    This helps

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    Zidane and maradona are different moves!

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    Dont do like this this is not roulette this is jump half roulette

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    body feint tutorial

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    Bro thank you so much before the corona virus i used this and it worked

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