Playin Soccer: How to do The Around the World Juggling Trick | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: How to do The Around the World Juggling Trick | Tutorial

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How to do The Around the World Juggling Trick! Learn this juggling and freestyle skill in our tutorial.


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    Enjoy the World Cup!

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    Your great man

  3. Reply

    Cool video. I can do the around the world easily

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    I keep failing every day I try, hopefully I can get rhythmed and be able to do an around the world like I used to. Thanks for the help though!

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  6. Reply

    Easy when watching

  7. Reply

    I have a doubt that How many days will it take me to learn these trick if i practise 1 hour daily ?

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    This video makes me fell i did it but in real I can't do it but I am trying I wish I could

  9. Reply

    I know how to do kick ups so now I need to learn around the world

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    You’re watching all attack

    This never never gets old

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    Me: cries in simple juggling

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    This really didnt help

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    Can’t do it, I can drop the balls and circle around but I can’t use both feet cause when I kick with one foot, idk what to do with the other, it’s impossible!

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    Its so easy once u land it one time

  16. Reply

    I’m going to try it, thanks

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    your videos are great learned 1000 tricks this year but i am sure i wont learn how to do around the world

  18. light boy

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    I can do it now thanks to all attack!! It does help a lot, thanks for the tips!!!

    • Wiz
    • February 2, 2021

    since last month was when I took keepy up seriously. I improved a lot. Now my next step is to do around the world. hopefully, I can get comfortable with doing it. This video is a headstart for me.

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    It looks easy when you see someone do it but when you try it it's the hardest thing you've ever done .but practice makes it perfect.so go for it

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    I can do it now

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    You are the best

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    After someone has mastered around the world they might be able to juggle behind the back

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    Thank it help me alote thank

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    This helped me so much I didn’t learn how to do all around the world but I did the tie tap juggling

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    Okk…. Thankyou

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    Did my first around the world today! I’m stoked!

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    I tried it, and I got it in 20 minutes. Thank you so much!

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    this guys tutorials actually work

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    Football practice Russell

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    Thumbs up

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