Playin Soccer: How to do Step Overs Like Cristiano Ronaldo? | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: How to do Step Overs Like Cristiano Ronaldo? | Tutorial

Ever wanted to do a step over like Cristiano Ronaldo? Watch this quick tutorial | AllAttack


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Keep in mind that it wont work if you get too close to the defender, otherwise he can stick a foot in and get the ball.

Step 1: Drive at your opponent, nothing is scarier for a defender than someone who runs at him with speed

Step 2: Start the stepover with your strong foot or whichever foot you’re using to dribble. This is important because it allows you to do the skill faster and more naturally

Step 3: Throw the foot up and around the ball. By the time that foot touches the ground the other should already be in the air.

Step 4: As you land with your first foot, immediately swing your other foot around the ball in the same way

Step 5: Make sure to plant your weaker foot strongly. It will allow you to push off it and accelerate away


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