Playin Soccer: How to create a goalkeeper with Barça DNA

Awesome Tip: How to create a goalkeeper with Barça DNA

We take a look at how the youth system produces the perfect Barça goalkeeper
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    I’m an horrible goal keeper compared to these men.

  2. Reply

    Keeper kings are made here

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    & in my Goalkeeper school Paco Rodri in vila-seca Catalonia Spain they kick harder then to u-19 goalkeepers (I’m not lying)

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    nothing to be a la masía goalkeeper they will buy any
    everyone to be the 1st choose keeper, Iñaki, Tenas, Masip all played 1 or 0 matches & all from la masía replaced by signings

  5. 8

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    How to make goalkeepers and than sold them for funny prize and then they become solid in other clubs and play every week just like every other player who doesn't get tha chance in the first team

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    Porterean igual que ters tenger

  8. Reply

    That's why they concede 8 goals

  9. Reply

    If I dive in India I will have to go to hospital for injury.

  10. Reply


  11. Los porteros son bien malos mejor veo a los del Bayern Munich

  12. Reply

    Всем привет

  13. Reply

    I wanna become pro keeper

  14. Reply

    L played with braca there trash 12:7 we won the fanil

  15. Reply

    Maybe teach them before the consead a tone of goals before the second leg

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    Soy portero y me gustaria entrenar alli y cumplir mi sueño

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    Bayern and Germans goalkeepers >>>>>>>>>>

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    hey Barca can I meet my superior man the flying machine
    the man ter stegan his is my keeping Idol for the game we all like
    please answer me please

  19. Reply

    I Love Messi

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