Playin Soccer: How to Become a Professional Coach – My Journey and Advice For You!

Awesome Tip: How to Become a Professional Coach – My Journey and Advice For You!

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    It makes me really happy that a lot of you want to pursue coaching after your playing careers. Here’s a few tips for you guys!

    • Morfz
    • February 14, 2021

    My favorite memory was when me and my team won a cup in sweden in 2019!

  2. Reply

    Another one of my favorite memories was watching the 2014 World Cup final together with all of my family

  3. Reply

    My favorite soccer memory was finally wining our championship with a team that I had been playing with for 11 years

  4. Reply

    My advice if you want to coach is to listen and watch Coach JAVI. He is the real deal Holyfield!!

    • Dylan
    • February 14, 2021

    I remember in 2019 my son’s soccer team play agains an academic.They play in a tournamt and my son’s tean won 6-2,then they play in la liga with desame team but they brougth diferents kids an they were wining 3-1 then my son’s coach put him in the field and even he did not score,he did de diference and his team won 6-5 and every bady was exated becouse it was areally dificul game.

  5. Reply

    My favourite Memory: Scored a goal on my dads birthday when I was playing u14. It was big for me because as a defender I didn’t score much haha and my dad wasn’t always able to make my games. I scored that day and I ran right to him to celebrate and most importantly we won the game that day!

  6. Reply

    Thanks coach Harvey.
    My recent memory of football is about my team I took coaching of the under 19s from position 12 the previous season finishing up 4th on the next season thanks to your drills and guidance and the advices.

  7. Reply

    Playing my Junior year in HS on JV. Playing Sweeper (that’s how old I am, LOL) I hit a screamer from just over midfield that went upper 90 right side.

  8. Reply

    Fútbol has been a huge part of my life & brought so many awesome memories. The one that sticks out the most would have to be when 4 generations of my family (my grandfather, my father, my brother, my self & my 2 boys) went to go watch Venezuela vs Jamaica in the Group stages of 2016 Copa America at Soldier Field, the first ever pro game any of us had ever attended. Now I know neither of the teams are fútbol powerhouses, but there is something to say about cheering on your national team w/ family by your side…& to get the win at that!!!
    Recently started following you. Awesome content, keep up the awesome work & good luck in all you do!!


  9. Reply

    Favorite football memory is when I clutched a last minute goal in my high school semifinals game.

  10. Reply

    What club soccer programs have you coached for before?

  11. Reply

    Favorite soccer memory is watching my kids play soccer for the first time!!

  12. Reply

    when I scored 2 and assisted 4 and we won 6-0.

  13. Reply

    My favorite soccer memory is when I lived in Brazil and went to watch Gremio, with like 60k people in the stands. It's like nothing you have ever seen! Libertadores semi finals… Amazing game…

  14. Reply

    Had a final in intramural game. My team was down 2-0. I go in and score 3. We end up winning final 6-5 in front of many people. Miss it

  15. Reply

    What is the name of the player that you always train with?

  16. Reply

    favorite soccer memory is scoring a late winner winning 3-2 and dribbled the goalkeeper easy tap in

  17. Reply

    Memory: I was 13, first year playing, I was on a club team, and Coach B took the time with me to explain and help me understand the game. That was when I fell in love with the game. I have always remembered those times and I do my best to give back to the teams I coach, volunteering in the community, and try and help others live and love the game. It's never about the money, when you see the light go on in a player and they get it, And I got to be a part of it! No words can describe it.

  18. Reply

    My favorites soccer memory is when I tore my acl and after a year and some change I played my first match back from injury and I was so nervous and not even 5 minutes passed and I scored I was so emotional because I love this game I hugged it out with my mom who was there for me from the beginning and I ended up scorning a brace that game

  19. Reply

    My favorite memory of soccer was my very first futsal game. I scored 2 goals and tried a bicycle kick that hit the crossbar. We ended up winning 6×4

  20. Reply

    there is something about coaching that inspires you. The system, logic, methods are quite incredible.

  21. Reply

    My favorite memory was when me and my friends played World Cup in heavy rain and we didn’t stop until we got the winner.

    • Matgk
    • February 14, 2021

    My favorite memory is when I had a zoom with Conor o’kefe . Pro keeper

    • Matgk
    • February 14, 2021

    Love this video learned how to be a coach amazing stuff .

  22. Reply

    my favorite memory about my soccer career so far is winning the disney tournament

  23. Reply

    My favorite soccer memory has to be freshman year of college and making my first college playoff game start

  24. Reply

    My favorite football memory is when I had the opportunities to play overseas in Spain. We didn’t win that many games, but the fact that I had the chance to play in another country was unforgettable!

    • E Gon
    • February 14, 2021

    Raul Jimenez chilena vs Panama wc qualifier!

  25. Reply

    My favorite memory is when I finally learned the around the world juggling move. It took months and i finally did it. Keep up the great work guys.

  26. Reply

    My favourite soccer memory is scoring the winning penalty in a penalty shootout in my league’s final

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    My favorite memory is when I was younger. We were in the semi final game they scored on us towards the end of the game 3-4 we were loosing my team lost hope. I grabbed the ball and ask the referee how many minutes were left he says “2 minutes” I ran towards the middle, noticed the goal keeper was also celebrating outside the penalty box, I waited for the last player to cross back to his side and shot the ball from half field and MADE IT! My team went wild along with everyone else on the side lines we went to penalty’s and won 4-2.

  28. Reply

    Scorong the winning PK in a youth tournament.

  29. Reply

    My favorite moment is watching Socrates from Brazil score against Italy in 1982 world cup

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    Where do you coach?

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