Playin Soccer: How to Beat the Offside Trap!

Awesome Tip: How to Beat the Offside Trap!

How to beat the offside trap in soccer or football! We’ll talk about the offside rule and how to stay onside.


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    • 12at
    • February 5, 2021

    Now I can use this in Fifa

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    dang im a little late

  2. Reply

    Hello CIty fans 🙂

  3. Reply

    Aw shut up kid., think you are going to teach all them coaches how to beat the OS trap?

  4. Reply

    thank u got game tomorrow

  5. Reply

    how to bicycle

  6. Reply

    why this vid

  7. Reply

    You delete the one with striker diaganal runs

  8. Reply

    I only clicked on this video to see what a offside trap is in Dls if your showing that as a example idk 50/50 but what is it

  9. Reply

    What if the midfielders dribble too much and pass late

  10. Reply

    Send counter attacks on breakdown

  11. Reply

    How to do nice defending please make a video

  12. Reply

    Best explanations

  13. Reply


  14. Reply

    But at last, the player who did goal would be also the Offside. Is it?

  15. Reply

    i hate offsides

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    You will became the next no 1 coach

  18. Reply

    plz how to get better at finishing plz!!

  19. Reply

    Please more video sir

  20. Reply

    can u do the goal infamous goal ozil did to make arsenal go to the round of 16. cheers

  21. Reply

    thanks for this video

  22. Reply

    can you teach striker tactics so i can be a clinacal striker

  23. Reply

    Hey y dont u guys make a video on how to take a penalty consistently.Hope u take it into consideration.

  24. Reply

    That's good one.I like this
    I also watch this channel.I love this channel

  25. Reply

    knuckle ball tutorial

  26. Reply

    Can you do a lesson on taking a corner and attacking a corner
    thanks guys – love your work

  27. Reply

    AllAttack These are really good videos, they have helped me a lot! I always had to watch so many videos to find the perfect one but you guys have a great video for everything!

  28. Reply

    hi., how to lobe ball

  29. Reply

    hey make some skills and make vid

  30. Reply

    All attack,please do a video about how to do the neymar touch

  31. Reply

    How can i develop game sense?? please help me out !!

  32. Reply

    You derserve 1m subcribers

  33. Reply

    make a video on soccer workout

  34. Reply

    My Review :-
    AllAttack is the best football youtuber I have ever seen and will ever be… Cheers… All the best my friend… BTW which position do you play??

  35. Reply

    can you make a video on how to improve rainbow

    • Jay
    • February 5, 2021

    Add me on Snapchat @jwilliams_013

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    Can you do tips to improve shot power on strong/weak foot

  37. Reply

    l like to be striker,but i need to improve in attacking

  38. Reply

    can you upload a video how to study pogboom pls pls

  39. Reply

    Do one on how to not look stiff on the field

  40. Reply

    when your next video will come??

  41. Reply

    ALLAttack could you do video about how to kick penalty

  42. Reply

    ronaldo phenomeno tutorial

  43. Reply

    Brilliant. how about player's style tutorials?

  44. Reply

    few more vedio on positioning plzzzzzzz!

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    almost 200k :D❗

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    this my first time by dude could you do one about how to bycicle kick

  47. Reply

    I need you to do a video on defending

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    note that the offside rule doesn't apply when the receiver is at his own half

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