Playin Soccer: How to Beat the Goalkeeper! | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: How to Beat the Goalkeeper! | Tutorial

How to Beat the Goalkeeper! Learn the basics of beating the goalkeeper in a 1v1 situation


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Camera Man: Dane Brinkman


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    AA is the best.

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    Please make video when keeper on goal poost you are making the video keeper come forward to save i want please

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    I love to target top corners.I don't know how please teach me. Please.

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    you did not talk about the chip

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    Anybody who has watched this a trillion times but cant do this in a match or training

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    3:07 nice face đŸ™‚

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    keep it up great channel!

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    I am UMAR Mukthar from India kerala your channel is a best channel

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    Ez egY szar

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    How to hit long shots for goal

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    This is Super Trick.

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    How to take bicycle shot

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    4 over the keeper

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    Chipping is a low percentage strike. If you can score off of it, it's a golazo. Video coach is correct in using the far post as the main target to strike the ball on. Why? The far post provides the shooter with a wide shooting angle, therefore, it is a high percentage strike.

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    How to beatbq defender?

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    what to do if the goalkeeper approaches towards u in a lightning speed ?? I

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    All attack your are to good

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    nice video have great ideas but  another video about   Bolasie flick! and  tutoriol on the knuckel ball thanks.

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    your rating in pes and fifa, 99 or 100!!!!

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    I love your channel.but can you teach me knuckle ball

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    Good I'am weak at 1 on 1

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    Why is there no chip option in 1:34 ?

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    Kep going up bro we love u!

    • Kim
    • February 5, 2021

    How about toe poke?

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    Lol 3:12 ur face

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    Hey bro I am watching all of your video….It's really awesome …specially starting phase…

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