Playin Soccer: How to Beat the Goalkeeper | Quick Tip

Awesome Tip: How to Beat the Goalkeeper | Quick Tip

Just a quick tip guys!

How to Beat the Goalkeeper:


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  1. Can you please do a penalty video

  2. please make one more video detailed about :how to take a penalty in surely.

  3. كيف تهرب من المراقبة اللصيقة

  4. could you so a tutorial on how to do a knuckle ball

  5. This is really sad for me because I'm a goalkeeper 🙁

  6. Hello AllAttack! I'm leaving a comment saying you've helped me so much with soccer and tricks and any types of these videos. They are just so simple yet they explain something a normal person couldn't do. You just have great content! You deserve every like from me ;).

  7. Teach how to Rabona Cross

  8. still remember when you had 5k subs

  9. Dude, can u plzz make a video on some nutmeg moves….Thanku!

  10. Hey AllAttack, I was wondering if any of your guys are trying to become professionals? Do you guys play for any academy's/club teams? Or do you play the game for fun? Also awesome videos and keep up the great work!

  11. Can you make a video about when to go for a slide tackle on defense and also the correct way to slide?

  12. Nice! Keep up the great work man. Almost at 100,000 subs!

  13. Why this video is also posted in freekickerz channel also?

  14. do a tutorial on skill moves like around the world pls

  15. Guys, do chest ball control tutorial, it is very crucial in the game.

  16. Been here since 5000 subs

  17. Make a video on how to improve your goalie ski

  18. Awesome video, you guys could even make a channel called all defend or something when this channel is all grown.

  19. i have a problem. I'm a good player. I am able to beat many defenders including people 1 or 2 years older than me. However, my teammates arent really good. Almost every single time i pass to them they screw it up. Its literally an open goal with like 2 yards out. Its really pissing me off. So i decide to take it into my own hands and solo. However, my friends would scold me if i do and say i'm selfish. So what should i do?

    • Matt
    • February 8, 2021

    Still can't get over how good these videos are.

  20. And now i have to wait 1 week again

  21. you need to share the song in the description bro!

  22. all attack always one of my best page tutorials

  23. Can you please give tips about playing on uneven and/or tall grass please?

  24. Here since 250 subs boys

  25. hey can u make video of gaining control to do skills

  26. I wish AllAttack will reply to me

  27. What happaned with the other video? the video said that bundesliga banned it

  28. It's wasn't playing yesterday

  29. Do the Rabona Fake pls

  30. That helped alot. Thanks! 😀

  31. You guys actually rock in the camera department!

  32. First lol

  33. Hi allayyack

  34. 1

  35. Just a quick tip guys! We'll be back with a Cruyff Tutorial soon 🙂

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