Playin Soccer: How to Beat Taller, Stronger, and Faster Players!

Awesome Tip: How to Beat Taller, Stronger, and Faster Players!

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  1. Reply

    If you guys want to purchase the BlazePods, please use my link below. It helps out the channel!

  2. Really liking your channel bro thanks.

  3. Reply

    Old heads know Cesc Fàbregas. The young bucks, not so much. I'm not sure how many people watch the French league, Ligue 1?

  4. Reply

    what school do you coach at and where is it.

  5. Reply

    Look how good mo salah is aswell. Just turns players and makes it look easy

  6. Got any workouts for fullbacks, could be very helpful for me

  7. Reply

    great simple & effective content!

  8. Reply

    Do you remember where you bought your neck gaiter ?

  9. Reply

    Gostei do seu casaco kkkkk

  10. Reply

    How do I get a tryout for a Liga MX team and what do you think of playing for an academy from a Liga MX team?

  11. Reply

    What about for defending stronger player s?

  12. Reply

    Idea for an episode: the difference between a male getting recruited vs a female? Also, tips specific to females. Not sure how big of a difference it would but it would be cool to get any information. Thanks

  13. Reply

    Just watch highlights of John McGinn

  14. Reply

    Video idea- full day of healthy eating/ pre training dynamic routine broken down (analysis on how to do each dynamic stretch)

  15. Reply

    Fabregas used to play for chelsea now he plays for monaco great player.

  16. Reply

    I was actually finding a video on this, but this one actually worked

  17. Reply

    Didn't realize this was a pre pre season video. Very pleasantly surprised when I clicked on it!

  18. Reply

    Hey please record at same way from today, the audio is amazing! Like it

  19. Reply

    How to beat me. Wait till I retire , good luck.

  20. Reply

    fabregas is a top 10 cm of all time easily

  21. Reply

    The people who this title discribes is xavi,inesta

  22. Reply

    Noo I’m 190 cm / 6 foot 3 and now my life is going to be way harder

  23. Reply

    Yes Fabregas is amazing, one of the best passers ever!

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