Playin Soccer: How To Beat EVERY Defender 1v1

Awesome Tip: How To Beat EVERY Defender 1v1

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Stage 1 – Recognize the Situation
0:56 Stage 2 – Dribble at Them
1:38 Stage 3 – Time Your Move
2:52 Stage 4 – Accelerate


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    Hi bro i'm playing as defender i want 5 vs 5 match skills bro can u pls put for me a video

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    Best analytics

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    I’m really enjoying your videos & learning

  5. Reply

    impossible to beat Virgil van Dijk

  6. Reply

    Love you.

  7. Reply

    Ahh, I am happy because I can download the videos and practice the skills in the park.

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    What a video, actually I am from Pakistan. I know Sialkot make footballs for Europe and I like football game. I want to be improve in this game.

  9. Sir I want to play football like you but I have no money to buy football

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    I am Mid Offensive , What should I do ?

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    I need 1 vs 1 defending

  14. Reply

    Cạo dâu đi anh ơi

  15. Reply

    Super ❤❤❤

    • aa
    • February 1, 2021

    They should try this type of skill against pepe or Ramos
    Then I am going to say these skill are helpful

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    First of all I wanna thankyou for putting the video that has helped me to increase my speed and cutting skills and keep on creating videos like because a lot of guys like me are wanting to be a professional football player

  17. Reply

    Lots of love from India

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    You're making the defenders useless lol

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    And how to be a good pressure who people can't dribble

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    Hi .When 1v1 how to know to go right or left.

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    What was the name of the song ?

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    Can't find space xan prefer an idea

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