Playin Soccer: HOW MANY QUESTIONS CAN HE ANSWER? | Neto #90secondschallenge

Awesome Tip: HOW MANY QUESTIONS CAN HE ANSWER? | Neto #90secondschallenge

Neto faces our #90secondschallenge… How many questions will he be able to answer?
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  1. ciudad favorita de españa:barcelona
    ciudad favorita de europa:barcelona
    amigo del valencia:barcelona

  2. Reply

    Question: do you think you're good with you're feet?
    Nieto: yes
    Hell no!!!!!!

  3. Reply

    Neto's smile is brighter than all our futures combined.
    Is it just me or have all Brazilians been blessed with beauiful smiles? Like, damn.

  4. Reply

    Indians have the best taste for food in the world

  5. Viva Michael Jackson

  6. Reply

    Hola la chica es realmente muy simpática

  7. Reply

    She's so hot bros

  8. Reply

    Ask to me miss
    I will break the record of griezzy

  9. Reply

    Pinya Pizza See What Stewie

  10. Reply

    Como se llama la chica?

  11. Reply

    superman is dc not marvel

  12. Reply

    Pls do With Leo Messi

  13. Reply

    He just saw the number in background and he tell it.

  14. Reply

    La chica es la novia de grefg?

  15. Reply

    Dejarias el Barca?

  16. Reply

    What’s the name of the girl?

  17. Reply

    Name of this girl anyone?

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    Super heroe de marvel: superman
    Capitan america

  20. Reply

    For the 1st time, Superman is in Marvel's house :))

  21. Reply

    Espero que alguien le haya dicho que Superman no es de Marvel xDD.

  22. Reply

    Como no sale nunca cuando sale no se lo cree y lo tiene q ver

  23. Reply

    Mesakne neto ratau maen

  24. Nana loco saquenlo hijo que la pizza si lleva piña ndheaaa

  25. Reply

    Her Instagram ?

  26. Reply

    Why is she hot and ugly at the same time???

  27. Reply

    I only came to see her thats all

  28. Reply

    Como se llama la entrevistadora?

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