Playin Soccer: How Many Days a Week Should You Train?

Awesome Tip: How Many Days a Week Should You Train?

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    Amazing content as always!!

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    Coach Javi, do you notice any notable differences between players who played college soccer at D1, D2 and NAIA level?

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    Thank you for this. Great video!

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    I’m a lefty my self and I have to say we have a decent foot every damn time lol nice shots by gorgie

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    Mbn having access to that turf field

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    What team does Georgie play for

    • J A
    • February 2, 2021

    Every coach has a different philosophy for periodization. There is no perfect formula but the best coaches get it right. Coaches need to understand their team well and adjust the schedule to give them rest when they are tired and have them primed to get the most out of each player on game day. It's not an easy task and it can constantly change depending on the many varying factors that could arise during a season's schedule. The best advice is to know your short and long term schedule well and also give your players freedom to decide their involvement at times, which we often see at the higher levels of the game yet rarely see in youth and college soccer. Best bits of advice from this video were 1. know your body well 2. don't over train 3. Make sure you are getting the most out of each of your training sessions (Proper Drills / Technique / Workload).

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    Добър отговор Гошо.

    • Joe
    • February 2, 2021

    Why did kit man moy go off tho

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    many players don't take rest importantly

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    Great video

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    On Wednesday I mean like work and train

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    thank you coach this was a fun vid, gets me motivated for the next coaching season. Peace and love

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    Coach Javi: Coach ➡️Pro goalie in 30 seconds

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    The reaction when the ball went in the basket is priceless ahah. Congrats on another decent video:)

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    Not going to lie. After the last video i heard one of u guys have been a year without eating any meat. Today i am 4 days without meat. Feel good.

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    you are the best thank you soooioooooo much

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    I like your consistency in 2021 so far. You have awesome content and a great knowledge of the game. What license do you have?

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    Kit man: only uses 1 foot, gets distracted, goes at a more casual pace
    Javi: uses both feet, goes faster than kit man
    Georgie: uses 1 foot, sharper around corners, more explosive than the others

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    Hey Coach Javi, first of all I wanted to say it was again a great video, I really enjoy them lately. I also wanted to ask if you could answer my Insta Dm, it would help me a lot. Greetings from Germany Thomas

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    Love the videos, Coach Javi. Thanks for the insight!

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    I needed this.

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    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work

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