Playin Soccer: How Jamie Vardy Scored | The Breakdown

Awesome Tip: How Jamie Vardy Scored | The Breakdown

The Breakdown! How Jamie Vardy Scored

Music: Bryce Fox – Burn Fast (TELYKast Remix)


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  1. Who was there for the Music?

  2. Hhhhh sorry I didn't notice the song below the videos thank you so much you've thought of everything !! You are my hero after messi well next to messi I love you both

  3. Please what's the name of the song AllAttack ?

  4. smart striker and poor defender!

  5. pls do a video of 360 pivot pls

  6. This is just a suggestion. I was thinking that you could make a how to play like series going over players like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo etc.

  7. Are there any soccer channels like this but for goalkeepers?

  8. hey man idk your name but can u do an editing tutorial on how u edit your videos thanks!!

  9. Do more video like that is very good for tactical

  10. Pls to a tutorial for the Rabona kick

  11. Do professional football players really think this much in seconds?

  12. T-shirt trick please!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hey guys can u do a video on how to shoot a knuckleball? plz it would be great if u could

  14. You definitely deserve like over 1 mill subs

  15. how to do neymar rocket flick please add a tutorial

  16. how to pass like ivan rakitic?

  17. Here since 1200sub


  19. I know its hard to upload every week but even if you uploaded one of these videos a week I would really appreciate it. that said I should take my own advice and start uploading again, I have loads of ideas and footage saved that I can do a lot with haha

  20. Nice series guys! This,beside all other video can really help improve us! Thanks

  21. Can you the rainbow flick with both feet? Like Neymar?

    • xd
    • February 7, 2021

    What am I watching?

  22. how to control the ball with roller

  23. all attack when r u gonna do a qna

  24. Messi

  25. Create a rabona tutorial

  26. Very good video! More like this, focused on runs and passing please!

  27. Congratulations! You guys have such an informative channel! It's very helpful the way you guys breakdown everything in easy to comprehend steps. I also would like to thank you two on being a clean channel. Some people on YouTube use fowl language in their videos. That bugs me… It's so nice to see young boys speak in a mannered way. I just wanted to let you guys know that your integrity was noticed! So thank you!
    (You don't have to answer this because it may be too personal) I was wondering if you are Christians? If so then what denomination? I'm a baptist! Thanks so much!
    God Bless you and keep it up! 🙂

  28. please do a vidro how messi thinks

  29. Can u do a video about how to keep the head up while dribbling the ball, cuz it's really important for good passes and goal scoring opportunities. I always fail to do this and my teammates complain that I dribble too much by myself.

  30. great video bro

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