Playin Soccer: How Important Are Your Grades If You Want To Play College Soccer?

Awesome Tip: How Important Are Your Grades If You Want To Play College Soccer?

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    i need help uh atm i’m a junior and i have a 2.9 gpa almost a 3 and ik i can still get it up atm but do you actually think i can get that up

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    Would one still be accepted for a scholarship by a college with a GED?

    does it have to be GED along with Sat's or gpa along with Sat's?

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    As a coach and college scout/adviser I can tell you grades are essential for getting your college paid for, as well as even getting admitted into colleges in the first place.

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    so my academics should help me a lot, 3.9 GPA and 1360 SAT, right?

  6. Reply

    Hey coach Javi , what about foreigners, for example I live in Kenya n we have a totally different educational system. How will someone like me get a scholarship in US

  7. Reply

    Is it harder for homeschoolers to get into college soccer?

  8. Reply

    thanks for the video keep it up

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    Hey coach Javi, I was wondering if you could give your take on the future of college sports since the ncaa is considering postponing 2020 fall sports?

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    I have a question. Should you apply for a college normally before emailing the coach?

  11. Reply

    A coach, a coach, my kingdom for coach Javi!!!

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    Great video

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    Great vid with a lot of great info as usual coach javi! I’m Hoping that I start receiving D1 offers as soon as possible since I’m going to be a junior next year.

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    Really love these videos! High school seniors like myself find these videos super heplful! Thank you coach Javi!

  15. Reply

    CAn you make a video for igcse international students! PLZ

  16. Reply

    Can u explain more cuz ur takin about the American colleges and I can't understand the grades part cuz I'm an igcse student

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    Hey coach javi. How hard is it to try to get scouted to a 4 year from a 2 year at age 23? Got a bad injury right after highschool and just went back to playing/studying

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    coach, thankyou so much for everything you do, because of you ive improved in football and only because of you i enjoy football. thankyou i mean it.

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    Hey coach Javi you should make a video on how to get into a n.i.s.a team.

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    Every coach and recruiter will tell you how important they are, but they really are so important. Very very few college soccer players will get a full ride, let alone a half ride athletic scholarship so if you want to get in to schools, let alone afford it, grades are so important!

    • February 5, 2021


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