Playin Soccer: How I Plan My Training Sessions

Awesome Tip: How I Plan My Training Sessions

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  1. I live the video man!! Where did you get that really cool rain Jacket??

  2. Hey coach Javi! What’s your tips for lady’s making it pro? Leagues, teams, step by step?

  3. First touch drills on the train yourself series

  4. You inspire me to work harder everyday

  5. Nice vid coach and nice meg

  6. Bet you wont pin this

  7. As the manager of Macclesfield fc in fifa , this video helps alot inspire alot, seeing the planning in action specially the note book .

    Great thank you

  8. How the [email protected] you dont get more views?
    Im better in football by watching your videos❤️

  9. Ur the best

  10. Sick video ❤️❤️ love from denmark !

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