Playin Soccer: How Does A Division 1 College Soccer Player Eat And Train? *DIZZY PENALTIES*

Awesome Tip: How Does A Division 1 College Soccer Player Eat And Train? *DIZZY PENALTIES*


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  1. Reply

    We got 600! Here you go!

  2. Reply

    The main problem for me is i train alot but i dont have proper diet to eat I love football I will keep on working I will not give up

  3. Reply

    team isak

  4. Reply

    What is the balance thing called

  5. Reply

    Coach I just wanted to know how can I become a pro for beginner's OK. Pls

  6. Reply

    You ever coming to dallas and do a camp?

  7. Reply

    Very good camera

  8. Reply

    play a game of panna for the challenge

  9. Reply

    Throw a frisbee and see who can get the closest to an object

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  11. Reply

    Im from Norway and i enjoy watching you

  12. Reply

    #TeamIsak and #TeamNorway. You should do a camp in Norway, just sayin

    • Pete
    • February 11, 2021

    smh… SHOULDN'T buying Doritos, sunny D, or red meat….. #eatcleaner

  13. Reply

    Table tennis should be the next challenge

  14. Reply

    Fastest to chug a Coke

  15. Reply

    Threw my ass right into an ad smh

  16. Reply

    Icky shuffle ladder drill form was lacking a bit, needs to get those arms moving hahaha

  17. Reply

    Coach Javi for the after workout challenge with isak you should see who can do the most 8 figure nutmegs in 30 seconds

  18. Reply

    Can you record the team training sessions?

  19. Reply

    Which Position does He Play ??

  20. Reply

    1v1 nerf war

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    Soccer bowling

  22. Reply

    Love the longer videos javi only bad thing is that Isak is an Arsenal supporter

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    table tennis

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    #TeamCoachJavi Challenge: Highest Price of signed jersey 24 hour auction.

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    Miss the training life.  Keep working hard Isak, love watching you play mate!  #teamisak

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    Do the soccer golf again #teamisak

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  28. Reply

    #TeamIsak do a beer drinking challenge

    • Endo
    • February 11, 2021

    Game of horse

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    1 touch juggle first to drop it loses.

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    That was hilarious! You guys should have a dance off, or a rap battle… Might want to see Coach Brad for rap battle. Great stuff! I hope your ATL camp is a huge success!! Can’t wait to see some Coach Javi shirts. Is Caravan working them? Man, I like both you guys… I’ll go with whoever wins the dance off. Keep em comin!

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    dembele challenge

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    blind folded penalties

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    Can you ask Isak how he got legs like that and make him answer in a video? Keep up the good content and good luck Isak!

  34. Awesome content love the behind the scene experience us soccer fans do not see from the outside!

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    Question for today’s video: Are you #teamcoachjavi or #teamisak? LET’S GET 600 LIKES!

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