Playin Soccer: How Do D1 Soccer Players Train? Individual Session and Drills

Awesome Tip: How Do D1 Soccer Players Train? Individual Session and Drills

Working with a Division 1 soccer player on speed and agility, touch and passing, and finishing. This is training in the offseason in preparation for the spring season and for the upcoming fall.

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    I read lots of people keep on talking about Episoketren System. But I'm not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried this popular training program?

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    hello from Brazil, Coach! I have watched a lot of your videos which helped me a lot to improve my skills and getting in shape. I feel I've been giving my best these last months and hopefully I will do a great first season in the college league. Hope I can meet you someday and thank u personally. Keep doing a great job know that u have people like me all over the place that is grateful for ur videos! 🙂

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    This school is D1?

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    Do you need to play for a club to get into college soccer?

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    should I play for club or high school?

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    His shots don't have any power in them and he was taking to many touches to get his shot ready.

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    Javi is on the ball as a coach should be. Wfk.

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    so basically no skill just work on becoming a better athlete? yea just sums up soccer is the USA. They might all be athletic but they can't even do simple skill. I've played with D1 players before because I have a few friends who play and their friends and we've played and they burn through me on 1 on 1s and defend me on breakaways. But i've played with them on small field games and I have more touch/skill/jukes then them and destroy them on small field games. I just mostly play for fun but I always practice more tricks to show to people like freestyle tricks. But yea soccer in the USA is all about being fast and athletic and aggressive.

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    Is it me or he doesn't raise his head when he shoots !

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    Coach Javi i would like to see you play in the Lamar hunt U.S. open cup if u think you're good enough for this challenge look for a local team or league where you live that' has acces to the Lamar hunt Cup I'm just trying to get you to a next level you're welcome

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    He's good but got no shot

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    Whats a d1 player

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    What a player this guy seems like. Such a hardworking beast! What school is he from?

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    lowzy shots at the end , he has to STRIKE the ball at his age

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    I feel like when he's going to take a shot he's trying to get one to many touches in or is that the point of the drill because when I take a shot I try to take less touches before the shot but who am I a D5 player judge a d1 player lol

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    I have a question about the second drill .Why does the player touch the ball with his outside foot instead of his inside foot when he is crossing the yellow pole?

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    where could I find one of these coaches

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    Coach Javi, this is incredibly helpful! Thank you.

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    Bjr je les trouve intéressant…

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    you're an underrated youtuber.

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    Amazing work coach keep it up!!! Thank you for the insight

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    Make sure you guys subscribe and check out my other videos!

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    Great work Javi, just subscribed to your channel. Check mine. I see lots of potential. I used to be a D1 and Former pro player in venezuela. Reach out to me so we can exchange ideas

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